Bites of Py Catalogue

Bite Level Tags
Bite 1. Sum n numbers Beginner level icon Nonedefault argsfreebierangesum
Bite 2. Regex Fun Advanced level icon findallfreebiereregular expressions
Bite 3. Word Values Intermediate level icon Scrabblefreebiemaxsum
Bite 4. Top 10 PyBites tags Intermediate level icon Counterxml
Bite 5. Parse a list of names Beginner level icon freebielambdalist comprehensionsminsorting
Bite 6. PyBites Die Hard Intermediate level icon Counterfile processinggeneratorsnamedtuple
Bite 7. Parsing dates from logs Intermediate level icon datetimefile processing
Bite 8. Rotate string characters Beginner level icon dequeslicing
Bite 9. Palindromes Intermediate level icon algorithmslist comprehensionsmaxreverse
Bite 10. Practice exceptions Intermediate level icon exception handlingraise
Bite 11. Enrich a class with dunder methods Advanced level icon dunder methodsfunctoolsproperties
Bite 12. Write a user validation function Intermediate level icon classesexception handlingnamedtuple
Bite 13. Convert dict to namedtuple/json Intermediate level icon dictjsonnamedtuple
Bite 14. Generate a table of n sequences Intermediate level icon generatorszip
Bite 15. Enumerate 2 sequences Beginner level icon enumeratestring formatting
Bite 16. PyBites date generator Beginner level icon datetimegenerators
Bite 17. Form teams from a group of friends Intermediate level icon itertools
Bite 18. Find the most common word Intermediate level icon Counterdata analysislist comprehensions
Bite 19. Write a property Beginner level icon datetimeproperties
Bite 20. Write a context manager Advanced level icon context managersdunder methodsoperator overloadingwith statement
Bite 21. Query a nested data structure Beginner level icon data structuresdictionary comprehensionslist comprehensionssorting
Bite 22. Write a decorator with argument Intermediate level icon decorators
Bite 23. Find words that are > 95% similar Advanced level icon SequenceMatcherdifflibfile processingfindallitertools
Bite 24. ABC's and class inheritance Advanced level icon ABCsabstractmethodclassesinheritance
Bite 25. No promo twice, keep state in a class Intermediate level icon classesexception handlingproperties
Bite 26. Dictionary comprehensions are awesome Beginner level icon dictionary comprehensions
Bite 27. Parse omdb movie json data Intermediate level icon APIsglobjsonmovie data
Bite 28. Converting date strings to datetimes Intermediate level icon Counterdatetimefindall
Bite 29. Martin's IQ test Beginner level icon enumeratestring module
Bite 30. Movie data analysis Intermediate level icon data analysisdefaultdictfreebiemeanmovie datanamedtuplesorting
Bite 31. Matrix multiplication / @ operator Advanced level icon __matmul__dunder methodsoperator overloading
Bite 32. Don't let mutability fool you Beginner level icon deepcopymutability
Bite 33. Transpose a data structure Intermediate level icon dictzip
Bite 34. Building a Karma app - implement the User class Advanced level icon classesdunder methodsnamedtupleoperator overloadingproperties
Bite 35. Having fun with heapq Intermediate level icon datetimeheapq
Bite 36. Having fun with *args and **kwargs Intermediate level icon argsfunction argumentskwargs
Bite 37. Rewrite a for loop using recursion Beginner level icon recursionreverse
Bite 38. Using ElementTree to parse XML Beginner level icon movie dataxml
Bite 39. Calculate the total duration of a course Intermediate level icon datetimefindallnumberstimedelta
Bite 40. Write a binary search algorithm Advanced level icon algorithmsbinary search
Bite 41. Write a login_required decorator Intermediate level icon decoratorsfunctools
Bite 42. Number Guessing Game Class Advanced level icon classesgamesrandom
Bite 43. Force keyword arguments Beginner level icon function argumentskwargs
Bite 44. License key generator Beginner level icon list comprehensionssecretsstring module
Bite 45. Keep a queue of last n items Beginner level icon deque
Bite 46. You are a programmer! Code Fizz Buzz Beginner level icon fizzbuzz
Bite 47. Write a new password field validator Intermediate level icon restring module
Bite 48. Make a bar chart of new Safari books Intermediate level icon bar chartdata analysis
Bite 49. Scrape Packt's html with BeautifulSoup Intermediate level icon beautifulsoupnamedtuplerequests
Bite 50. Make a little PyBites search engine (feedparser) Advanced level icon anyfeedparserlist comprehensionsnamedtuplesearch
Bite 51. When does Python 2 die on Planet Miller? Intermediate level icon datetime
Bite 52. Create a movie quote API with Flask Advanced level icon APIsFlaskmovie data
Bite 53. Convert text into multiple columns Advanced level icon string manipulation
Bite 54. Nicer formatting of a poem or text Beginner level icon string manipulationtextwrap
Bite 55. Get the latest game releases from Steam's RSS feed Beginner level icon feedparsernamedtuple
Bite 56. Add a command line interface to our BMI calculator Beginner level icon argparse
Bite 57. Create a simple calculator that receives command line arguments Intermediate level icon argparsefunctoolsreduce
Bite 58. Using argparse to interface with a grocery cart Advanced level icon argparse
Bite 59. Create a multiplication table class of variable length Intermediate level icon classesdunder methodsexception handlingnumbers
Bite 60. Create a deck of Uno cards Intermediate level icon list comprehensionslistnamedtuple
Bite 61. Create a variable size Paw Patrol card deck with random actions Advanced level icon itertoolsnamedtuplerandomstring module
Bite 62. Data structures matter - speed up your Python code Intermediate level icon data structuresperformance
Bite 63. Use an infinite iterator to simulate a traffic light Advanced level icon iteratorsitertoolsnamedtuple
Bite 64. Fix a truncating zip function Beginner level icon itertoolszip
Bite 65. Get all valid dictionary words for a draw of letters Intermediate level icon Scrabbleitertoolsset
Bite 66. Calculate the running average of a sequence Beginner level icon enumerateitertoolsmean
Bite 67. Working with datetimes Beginner level icon datetimetimedelta
Bite 68. Remove punctuation characters from a string Beginner level icon string manipulationstring module
Bite 69. Regex Fun - part II Advanced level icon reregular expressions
Bite 70. Create your own iterator Intermediate level icon iteratorsrandom
Bite 71. Keep state in a class + make its instance callable Intermediate level icon classesdunder methods
Bite 72. Retrieve the right Ninja Belt based on score Intermediate level icon OrderedDictitertools
Bite 73. Organize a meeting between timezones (pytz) Intermediate level icon pytztimezones
Bite 74. What day of the week were you born on? Beginner level icon calendar
Bite 75. Parse Unix cal to a weekday mapping Advanced level icon Unixrezip
Bite 76. The singledispatch countdown challenge Advanced level icon decoratorsfunctoolssingledispatch
Bite 77. New places to travel to Beginner level icon set operationsset
Bite 78. Find programmers with common languages Intermediate level icon set operationsset
Bite 79. Parse a csv file and create a bar chart Intermediate level icon bar chartcommunitycsvrequests
Bite 80. Check equality of two lists Beginner level icon enumequalitylist
Bite 81. Filter and order tweets by polarity values Intermediate level icon TextBlobTwitternamedtuple
Bite 82. Define a Score Enum and customize it adding methods Intermediate level icon __str__classmethodenum
Bite 83. At what time does PyBites live? Beginner level icon pytztimezones
Bite 84. Flatten lists recursively (Droste Bite) Intermediate level icon listrecursion
Bite 85. Write a score property Advanced level icon classesproperties
Bite 86. Create a RGB-to-Hex converter Intermediate level icon string formatting
Bite 87. Convert Decimal to Roman Numerals Intermediate level icon OrderedDictnumbers
Bite 88. Write a performance monitoring context manager Advanced level icon Countercontext managers
Bite 89. Playing with lists and dicts Intermediate level icon data structuresdictlist
Bite 90. What South Park characters talk most? Intermediate level icon Countercsvdata analysisdefaultdictrequests
Bite 91. Matching multiple strings Beginner level icon allanystring matching
Bite 92. Humanize a datetime Intermediate level icon datetimenamedtuple
Bite 93. Rock-paper-scissors and generator's send Advanced level icon coroutinesgamesrandom
Bite 94. Parse PyCon talk data from YouTube Advanced level icon list comprehensionsmaxnamedtuple
Bite 95. Subclass the dict built-in Intermediate level icon classesinheritance
Bite 96. Build Unix' wc program in Python Beginner level icon Unixfile processingtempfile
Bite 97. BeautifulSoup II - scrape US holidays Intermediate level icon beautifulsoupdefaultdictdict
Bite 98. Code your way out of a grid Advanced level icon loopingnamedtuplenumberstuple unpacking
Bite 99. Write an infinite sequence generator Intermediate level icon generatorsitertoolsstring modulezip
Bite 100. Display the last part of a file (Unix tail) Beginner level icon Unixfile processingslicingstrip
Intro Bite 01. F-strings and a simple if/else Intro level icon f-stringsfreebieif/else
Intro Bite 02. Infinite loop, input, continue and break Intro level icon breakcontinuefreebieinputmock.patchwhile
Intro Bite 03. Loop through a dictionary and pluralise a word Intro level icon dictfreebielooping
Intro Bite 04. Split and join Intro level icon freebiejoinsplit
Intro Bite 05. Slice and dice Intro level icon freebiereplaceslicingsplitstring modulestrip
Intro Bite 06. Strip out vowels and count the number of replacements Intro level icon Zen of Pythoncountingfreebieregular expressionsreplacestring manipulation
Intro Bite 07. Filter numbers with a list comprehension Intro level icon freebielist comprehensionsmodulo
Intro Bite 08. Loop over a dict of namedtuples calculating a total score Intro level icon countingdictfreebienamedtuple
Intro Bite 09. Workout dictionary lookups Intro level icon dictexception handlingformatfreebiestring manipulationternary
Intro Bite 10. Type conversion and exception handling Intro level icon exception handlingfreebieraisetype casting
Bite 111. Use the ipinfo API to lookup IP country Intermediate level icon APIsjsonmock.patchrequests
Bite 112. Social Media Username Validator Advanced level icon namedtuplerangereregular expressionsstring manipulationstring matchingtyping
Bite 113. Filter words with non-ascii characters Intermediate level icon allasciiordunicode
Bite 114. Implement a Color class with staticmethod Intermediate level icon __repr____str__hexstaticmethodstring module
Bite 115. Count leading spaces Beginner level icon countingstring matching
Bite 116. List and filter files in a directory Intermediate level icon generatorsglobos module
Bite 117. Round a number even (a.k.a. banker's rounding) Beginner level icon Decimalrounding
Bite 118. List exercise: return first occurrence indices of duplicated words Intermediate level icon countinglist comprehensionsset
Bite 119. Xmas tree generator Intermediate level icon default argsjoinrangestring formatting
Bite 120. Write a numbers validation decorator Intermediate level icon decorators
Bite 121. Determine the strength of a password Advanced level icon restring matching
Bite 122. Check if two words are anagrams Intermediate level icon anagramstring matching
Bite 123. Find the user with most friends Intermediate level icon defaultdictloopingsortingtuples
Bite 124. Marvel data analysis Advanced level icon Countercsvdata analysislist comprehensionsroundingsum
Bite 125. Get the most recommended books Intermediate level icon Counterbeautifulsoupdefault argslist comprehensionsrequests
Bite 126. The Emoji (Unicode) Bite Advanced level icon emojissysunicode
Bite 127. Return the right ordinal suffix for a number Intermediate level icon dictmodulonumbersstring manipulation
Bite 128. Work with datetime's strptime and strftime Beginner level icon datetimestrftimestrptime
Bite 129. Analyze Stock Data Intermediate level icon countingdata analysisjsonrequestssortingstring manipulation
Bite 130. Analyze some basic Car Data Beginner level icon Counterdata analysislist comprehensionsset
Bite 131. Screen scraper Advanced level icon dictindexregular expressionsslicingstring manipulation
Bite 132. Find the word with the most vowels Intermediate level icon countinglambdalist comprehensionsstring matching
Bite 133. Convert an Amazon URL into an affiliation link Beginner level icon regular expressionsstring manipulation
Bite 134. Two Sums Advanced level icon indexloopingsortingsum
Bite 135. Sort a list of book objects Intermediate level icon attrgetterdatetimelambdalistnamedtupleoperatorsorting
Bite 136. Bloodtypes Beginner level icon enumexception handlingmulti type input
Bite 137. Gourmets' Nightmare Intermediate level icon Counterintersectionoperatorsorting
Bite 138. OOP fun at the Zoo Intermediate level icon __str__classesclassmethoditertools
Bite 139. Calculate a coding streak in days Advanced level icon datetimestring manipulationtimedelta
Bite 140. PyBites First Pandas Bite Intermediate level icon csvdata analysispandas
Bite 141. Primitive date format inferrer Intermediate level icon classmethoddatetimeenumexception handling
Bite 142. Exception Handling: Calculate the Winning Player Intermediate level icon exception handlingnamedtuplenumbers
Bite 143. Look up a value in 3 dictionaries Beginner level icon collectionsdict
Bite 144. Calculate the Number of Months Passed Intermediate level icon datetimedateutilexception handling
Bite 145. Record Breakers Advanced level icon csvdata analysispandas
Bite 146. Rhombus generator Intermediate level icon f-stringsformatstring formatting
Bite 147. 100 WEEKDays of Code Date Range Intermediate level icon datetimedateutil
Bite 148. Print Car Data Grouped by Manufacturer Intermediate level icon data structuresitertoolsoperatorsorting
Bite 149. Sorting words with constraint Beginner level icon lambdasortingstring manipulation
Bite 150. Turn messy CSV into JSON Intermediate level icon csvjsonpandasrestring manipulation
Bite 151. Contemporary Composers Intermediate level icon datetimedictexception handlinggeneratorsnamedtuple
Bite 152. Manipulate string decorator Advanced level icon decoratorskwargsliststring manipulation
Bite 153. Round a sequence of numbers Beginner level icon list comprehensionsmathrounding
Bite 154. Write your own Data Class Intermediate level icon data structuresdataclasseshashablesortingtype hinting
Bite 155. Split a string by spaces or quoted text Intermediate level icon splitstring manipulation
Bite 156. Make an index of story characters Intermediate level icon collectionsdefaultdictenumeratesortingstring matching
Bite 157. Filter out accented characters Intermediate level icon string matchingunicode
Bite 158. Subclass the list built-in Advanced level icon dunder methodsexception handlinginheritancelistmeanmedianoperator overloadingpropertiesstatistics
Bite 159. Create a simple calculator Intermediate level icon exception handlingnumbersoperator
Bite 160. 15-way Rock Paper Scissors Advanced level icon csvdictexception handlinggames
Bite 161. Count the number of files and directories Beginner level icon countingdirectoriesfilesos module
Bite 162. Vertically align output of counters Intermediate level icon string formatting
Bite 163. Which packages were upgraded? Intermediate level icon comparisondictnumbersstring manipulation
Bite 164. CLI tool: HTML link converter (stdin to stdout) Advanced level icon data wranglingexception handlinghtmlstdinstring formattingstring manipulationsys
Bite 165. Parse an /etc/passwd file output Beginner level icon splitstring manipulationtuple unpacking
Bite 168. Ninja Rankings Advanced level icon bisectclassesdataclassesdunder methodsheapqtuples
Bite 166. Complete a tox ini file parser class Intermediate level icon classesconfigparserpropertiesstring matchingstring parsingtox
Bite 167. Complete a User class: properties and representation dunder methods Beginner level icon __repr____str__classesdunder methodsf-stringspropertiesstring manipulation
Bite 169. Simple length converter Beginner level icon exception handlingnumbersrounding
Bite 174. String manipulation and metrics Advanced level icon Counterdataclasseslist comprehensionspropertiesstring formattingstring manipulationtranslate
Bite 170. Analyze McDonald's food data Advanced level icon data analysispandas
Bite 171. Make a terminal spinner animation Advanced level icon command lineitertoolsstdoutsystime
Bite 172. Having fun with Python Partials Beginner level icon functoolspartialrounding
Bite 173. Set up future notifications Intermediate level icon datetimef-stringsfindalltimedelta
Bite 175. Find missing dates Intermediate level icon datetimedateutilpandas
Bite 176. Create a variable length chessboard Beginner level icon modulorangestdout
Bite 177. Use Pandas to find most common genres in a movie excel sheet Advanced level icon data cleaningexcelgroupbymovie datapandas
Bite 178. Parse PyBites blog git commit log Intermediate level icon Counterdata analysisdatetimedateutilstring parsing
Bite 179. Strip comments from Python code Advanced level icon commentsregular expressionsstring parsing
Bite 180. Group names by country Beginner level icon collectionsdefaultdictgroupby
Bite 181. Keep a list sorted upon insert Beginner level icon __str__bisectclassesdata structures
Bite 182. Parse a bunch of quotes from HTML Intermediate level icon dictregular expressionsstring manipulationstring parsing
Bite 183. Analyze sales data with pandas Advanced level icon data analysisgroupbypandas
Bite 184. Analyze some Bite stats data Intermediate level icon Countercsvdata analysisset
Bite 185. Create a simple spelling suggester Intermediate level icon SequenceMatcherdifflibstring matching
Bite 186. Calculate number of books to have read at date ... Intermediate level icon datetimedateutilexception handling
Bite 187. Actor/actress age at movie release Intermediate level icon dataclassesdateutilf-strings
Bite 188. Get statistics from PyBites test code Beginner level icon data analysisfile processingstatistics
Bite 189. Filter a list of names Beginner level icon breakcontinuegeneratorslooping
Bite 192. Some logging practice Beginner level icon callablelogging
Bite 190. Parse income distribution from Latin America XML Intermediate level icon data analysisdefaultdictxml
Bite 191. Starwars character with highest BMI Intermediate level icon maxoperatorstring manipulationtuple unpacking
Bite 193. Most upvoted StackOverflow Python questions Intermediate level icon beautifulsouprequestssortingstring matchingweb scraping
Bite 194. Add caching to a Fibonacci function Intermediate level icon fibonaccifunctoolslru_cacheperformance
Bite 195. Analyze NBA Data with sqlite3 Intermediate level icon SQLdata analysisdatabasessqlite3
Bite 196. Create a JS-like dict object Advanced level icon classesdictinheritancejavascript
Bite 197. What date is Mother's Day celebrated? Intermediate level icon datetimedateutil
Bite 198. Calculate my Mac's longest uptime Advanced level icon data wranglingdatetimedateutilstring parsing
Bite 199. Multiple inheritance (__mro__) Intermediate level icon __mro__classesinheritancemultiple inheritance
Bite 200. 🥳 Minecraft Enchantable Items Advanced level icon beautifulsoupweb scraping
Bite 201. Call a Cisco Nexus 9k device Intermediate level icon networkingrequests
Bite 202. Analyze some Bite stats data - part II Intermediate level icon csvdata analysissorting
Bite 203. Type hinting practice Intermediate level icon classesdataclassestype hinting
Bite 204. Pomodoro with asyncio Advanced level icon asynciopomodoro
Bite 205. Female speakers @ Pycon US Intermediate level icon beautifulsoupcountingdata wranglinggender_guesser
Bite 206. Calculate and evenly split the bill Intermediate level icon Decimalnumbersrounding
Bite 207. Cached property decorator Advanced level icon cachingclassesdecoratorsproperties
Bite 208. Find the number pairs summing up N Beginner level icon itertoolsloopingnumbers
Bite 209. Write a Sphinx docstring Beginner level icon data typesdocstringsphinx
Bite 210. Add Type Annotations Beginner level icon annotationstyping
Bite 211. Write a retry decorator Advanced level icon decoratorsexception handling
Bite 212. Suppressing exceptions Intermediate level icon context managersexception handling
Bite 213. Code a translation fixer Advanced level icon regular expressions
Bite 214. A countdown generator Beginner level icon generators
Bite 215. Validate a license key Beginner level icon boolregular expressions
Bite 216. Parse an email header Advanced level icon regular expressions
Bite 217. Capture stdout Intermediate level icon StringIOcontext managers
Bite 218. Create a sandwich decorator Beginner level icon decorators
Bite 219. Bite notification planner Intermediate level icon datetimegenerators
Bite 220. Analysing @pythonbytes RSS feed Advanced level icon Counterclassesfeedparsermaxminnamedtupleregular expressionsstring matchingtype hinting
Bite 221. Parse best selling lists using the NY Times API Intermediate level icon APIsjsonmockrequests
Bite 222. Split an iterable in groups of size n Intermediate level icon generatorsiteratorsitertoolslooping
Bite 223. Unix file permissions Intermediate level icon dictlist comprehensionsstring manipulation
Bite 224. Get sentences from a text Advanced level icon data wranglingregular expressionsstring manipulation
Bite 225. Swap case PyBites characters Beginner level icon loopingstring manipulationstring parsing
Bite 226. Get top titles from Intermediate level icon beautifulsoupnamedtuplenewsrequestssortingstring parsingweb scraping
Bite 227. Convert Warcraft json data to csv Intermediate level icon csvexception handlingjson
Bite 228. Create a Gravatar URL Intermediate level icon gravatarhashlibstring formatting
Bite 229. Scrape best programming books Advanced level icon beautifulsoupbooksclassesdata cleaningdata wranglingsortingweb scraping
Bite 230. Thumbs up for operator overloading Intermediate level icon classesdunder methodsemojisexception handlingoperator overloading
Bite 231. Where are the emojis? Beginner level icon emojislist comprehensionslistloopingregular expressions
Bite 232. Analyze gold prices Intermediate level icon comparisondata analysisloopingpandassortingstring parsing
Bite 233. Make a zipfile of the latest log files Intermediate level icon datetimeos modulepathlibzipfile
Bite 234. Capitalize sentences Intermediate level icon regular expressionsstring manipulationstring matchingstring parsing
Bite 235. Which Bite has the fastest tests? Intermediate level icon sortingstring parsingtype casting
Bite 236. User experience matters! Suggest matching files Intermediate level icon difflibfilespathlib
Bite 237. Get the dates Ninja belts were earned Advanced level icon datetimejsonloopingpandassorting
Bite 238. Write tests for Fibonacci Beginner level icon fibonaccifreebiepytest
Bite 239. Test FizzBuzz Intermediate level icon fizzbuzzpytest
Bite 240. Write tests for an Account class Advanced level icon classespytest
Bite 241. Write tests for list_to_decimal Beginner level icon exception handlingfreebiepytest
Bite 242. Zodiacal data parsing Advanced level icon datetimefixturespytest
Bite 243. Test code that parses JSON and IP ranges Intermediate level icon dataclassesipaddressjsonpytest
Bite 244. Make mutpy's output more digestible Intermediate level icon data wranglingloopingmutpystring matchingstring parsing
Bite 245. Xmas Tree 2.0 Intermediate level icon rangestring formatting
Bite 246. Test print / standard output Beginner level icon capfdcapsyslist comprehensionspyteststdout
Bite 247. Mocking a standard library function Intermediate level icon mock.patchpytestrandom
Bite 248. Test a number guessing game Advanced level icon classesexception handlinggamesmock.patchpytest
Bite 249. Test a movie DB class Advanced level icon SQLclassesfixturesmovie datapytestsqlite3
Bite 250. PyBites URL Shortener Advanced level icon decodedictencodestring manipulationstring moduletype hinting
Bite 251. Introducing Pandas Series Beginner level icon pandasseriesstring module
Bite 252. Let's play with Pandas Series Beginner level icon numpypandasseriesslicingtype hinting
Bite 253. More Pandas Series Practice Intermediate level icon mathpandasseriesstatistics
Bite 254. Global vs local variables Beginner level icon globalsum
Bite 255. Codon Usage Intermediate level icon bioinformaticscollectionstextwrap
Bite 256. Scrape PyCon events Intermediate level icon beautifulsoupdata analysisjsonnamedtuplepyconrequestsweb scraping
Bite 257. Extract users dict from a multiline string Beginner level icon dictstring parsing
Bite 258. What the flux? Intermediate level icon financemathpandas
Bite 259. Reverse complement Intermediate level icon bioinformaticsstring manipulationtranslate
Bite 260. Let's play with Pandas DataFrames Advanced level icon dataframespandas
Bite 261. Visit all PyCons in Europe Intermediate level icon data analysisdataclassesitertoolsmath
Bite 262. GC content Beginner level icon bioinformaticscollections
Bite 263. Count the number of islands in a grid Intermediate level icon algorithmsloopingstring
Bite 264. Clamy Fernet Intermediate level icon cryptographydataclassesencodeencryptionfernettyping
Bite 265. Optimal fund raising Intermediate level icon algorithmsloopingmath
Bite 266. Composition, Inheritance, Abstract Base Class, what? Advanced level icon ABCsabstractmethodbeautifulsoupcompositiondataclassesinheritancenamedtuplestring formattingtypingurllibweb scraping
Bite 267. Measure the size of an island Intermediate level icon algorithmsloopingmath
Bite 269. Taxable Income Calculator Advanced level icon classesdataclassesfinancenamedtuplepropertiestyping
Bite 268. Number Transformers Advanced level icon algorithmsnumbers
Bite 270. Most frequent digit in number Beginner level icon Countercountingnumbers
Bite 271. Get all class names from a module Intermediate level icon inspectlist comprehensions
Bite 272. Find common words Intermediate level icon algorithmsset operationsstring matching
Bite 273. Shortest path (Graph Bite) Advanced level icon algorithmscomputer sciencegraph
Bite 274. Number conversion problem Intermediate level icon algorithmsnumbersrecursion
Bite 275. Get the most common email domains Intermediate level icon Counterrequestssetstring parsingweb scraping
Bite 276. Get Father's days by date and country Advanced level icon dateutilstring manipulationstring parsing
Bite 277. Number of coin changes Advanced level icon algorithmsdynamic programming
Bite 278. Major and minor numbers Beginner level icon collectionsmaxminnumbers
Bite 279. Armstrong numbers Beginner level icon algorithmsnumbers
Bite 280. Regular Expression Lookahead/Lookbehind Advanced level icon lookaheadlookbehindregular expressions
Bite 281. Generating sales reports from Github data Advanced level icon data analysispandas
Bite 282. Evaluate a Bridge hand Advanced level icon classesenumexception handlingloopingpropertiessorting
Bite 283. Like there's no tomorrow? Beginner level icon datetime
Bite 284. Pascal triangle Intermediate level icon Pascalalgorithms
Bite 285. Nested List Extraction Intermediate level icon data structuresstring parsing
Bite 286. Decompress Intermediate level icon recursionstring manipulation
Bite 287. Sum indices Intermediate level icon loopingsum
Bite 288. Smallest number Beginner level icon numbers
Bite 289. Round to next number Beginner level icon math
Bite 290. Class Rosters Data Conversion Intermediate level icon csvstring parsingtuple unpacking
Bite 291. Find the fastest speech Intermediate level icon datetimesortingstring manipulation
Bite 292. Scoring matrices Advanced level icon bioinformaticsenumerateloopingnumberszip
Bite 293. N digit numbers Beginner level icon numbers
Bite 294. Bowling score Advanced level icon gamesloopingnumbers
Bite 295. Join lists Beginner level icon iterationjoininglist
Bite 296. Jagged list Intermediate level icon iterationitertoolslist
Bite 297. Rename keys Advanced level icon data cleaningdictiteration
Bite 298. Fasta to 2-Line Fasta Intermediate level icon bioinformaticsbiopython
Bite 299. Base converter Intermediate level icon baseexception handling
Bite 300. 🥳 PTO Calculator Advanced level icon calendardatetimeexception handlingloopingnumbersstring formatting
Bite 301. Exchange rates Intermediate level icon datetimedictsorting
Bite 302. Get and write all code from a JSON file Intermediate level icon file processingfilecmpjsonstring manipulation
Bite 303. Unique genes Advanced level icon bioinformaticsbiopython
Bite 304. Most identical letters in a word Intermediate level icon Countercasefoldmaxstring matching
Bite 305. Split once, delimit many Intermediate level icon loopingsplitstring parsing
Bite 306. Translate coding sequences to proteins Intermediate level icon bioinformaticsbiopython
Bite 307. SQLite3 introduction Intermediate level icon SQLdatabasessqlite3
Bite 308. Calculate the median from a dictionary Intermediate level icon mediansortingsum
Bite 309. A simple document class Intermediate level icon annotationsclassesmethod chainingpropertiesstring
Bite 310. Create file pairs Advanced level icon bioinformaticsfilesregular expressions
Bite 311. Cleaning text with pandas Intermediate level icon TF-IDFdata cleaningpandas
Bite 312. Scoring objects Intermediate level icon builtinsimportlibkeywordtyping
Bite 313. Alternative constructors Intermediate level icon classesclassmethod
Bite 314. Print names to columns Beginner level icon f-stringsmoduloprint
Bite 315. More logging practice Intermediate level icon exception handlinglogging
Bite 316. To rent or to stream movies? Intermediate level icon collectionsdatetimedicttyping
Bite 317. Pickling objects Beginner level icon data wranglingpickleserialization
Bite 318. Decode base64 encoded data Beginner level icon base64decodeencode
Bite 319. Identity and equality Beginner level icon equalityinteger cachingstaticmethod
Bite 320. sortable dataclasses and enums Intermediate level icon dataclassesdunder methodsenumsorting
Bite 321. Magic bytes Advanced level icon bytescsvexception handlingfile processingimagesstring parsing
Bite 346. Getting started with the IRIS data set Intermediate level icon data wranglingmachine learningnumpypandasscikit-learn
Bite 322. Reading progress Beginner level icon datetimenumbers
Bite 323. Iterables intersection Beginner level icon functoolsset operations
Bite 324. Pretty string Beginner level icon pprint
Bite 325. Floating point arithmetic Intermediate level icon arithmeticfloatsnumbersrounding
Bite 326. Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) Printer Intermediate level icon AST
Bite 327. AST visitor Advanced level icon AST
Bite 328. Longest coding streak Advanced level icon fromordinalitertoolstimezonestoordinal
Bite 329. Convert dict keys to snake case Advanced level icon algorithmsrecursionstring manipulation
Bite 330. Simple Math Equation Solver Advanced level icon exception handlingitertoolslist operationsmathoperator
Bite 331. Convolution in Neural Networks Advanced level icon deep learningnumpy
Bite 332. Searching for an apartment Intermediate level icon algorithms
Bite 333. Metropolis–Hastings Algorithm Advanced level icon Markov chain Monte Carloalgorithmsnumpystatistics
Bite 334. Simple TCP client Intermediate level icon TCP/IPclienthashlibmultiprocessingnetworkingsecretssocket
Bite 335. Async HTTP client Intermediate level icon aiohttpasyncioclientnetworking
Bite 336. FastAPI Hello World Beginner level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 337. A little detour: Pydantic Beginner level icon FastAPIPydanticfreebie
Bite 338. Create food objects Intermediate level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 339. Retrieve food objects Intermediate level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 340. Update and delete food objects Intermediate level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 341. Pydantic part II Intermediate level icon FastAPIPydanticfreebie
Bite 342. Food logging CRUD Intermediate level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 343. FastAPI Exception handling Intermediate level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 344. Return an HTML response Intermediate level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 345. FastAPI Authentication with JWT (JSON Web Tokens) Advanced level icon FastAPIfreebie
Bite 347. Which words can you type with one hand? Beginner level icon comparisonenumset
Bite 348. Citation indexes Intermediate level icon builtinsexception handlingtyping
Bite 349. Writing better Spanish Intermediate level icon asciidictunicodeunicodedata
Bite 350. Learn to handle cron schedule expressions Advanced level icon crontabdataclassesdatetimeexception handlingiteration
Bite 351. Get spelling suggestions Intermediate level icon TextBlobcomparisonnamedtupletuple unpackingtyping
Bite 352. Hash SQL statements Intermediate level icon SQLhashlib
Bite 353. Transform a Script Into a Command Line Interface (CLI) Beginner level icon Typercommand line
Bite 354. When to Use Command Line Option (CLI) Options and When CLI Arguments? Intermediate level icon Typercommand line
Bite 355. Create Your First Typer Command Line Interface (CLI) Application Beginner level icon Typercommand line
Bite 356. Using Typer Callbacks to Create Command Line Interface (CLI) Parameters Intermediate level icon Typercommand line
Bite 357. Implement your First Subcommands and Command Groups Beginner level icon Typercommand line
Bite 358. Implementation of a Simple Typer Test Intermediate level icon Typercommand linepytest
Bite 359. Implementation of a More Sophisticated Typer Tests Advanced level icon Typercommand line
Bite 360. Add a progress bar to Your Command Line Interface (CLI) Beginner level icon Typercommand linerich
Bite 361. Rich Excursion - Create Beautiful Tables Intermediate level icon Typercommand linerich
Bite 362. Add a Password Prompt to Your Command Line Interface (CLI) Intermediate level icon Typercommand line
Bite 363. Movie Theater (Refactoring) Intermediate level icon clean coderefactoring
Bite 364. Create Wikipedia Lorem Ipsum text Intermediate level icon beautifulsouplist comprehensionsrandomregular expressionsrequests
Bite 365. Rolling two dice for an advantage Intermediate level icon itertoolsmathmean
Bite 366. Goal Tracker Intermediate level icon datedatetimetuple unpacking
Bite 367. Add Pi Day to the calendar Intermediate level icon calendartuple unpacking
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