PyBites Learning Paths

Our Learning Paths train you for particular Python knowledge areas, ideal for job interviewing and becoming a domain expert!


Challenge yourself with these algorithm Bites, useful when preparing for a coding interview or just in general to cement your problem solving skills.

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Python is a great tool for biologists. Learn how to make use of Python to analyze DNA sequences and solve bioinformatic problems.

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Collections Module

The collections module offers some very powerful data structures you want to incorporate in your daily Python use. Throughout the following Bites you will learn more than enough to be dangerous!

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Data Analysis

This path will train you to do common data analysis tasks in Python.

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Data Formats

How to parse common data formats is an essential skill for any Pythonista. In this learning path you learn how to handle XML, JSON, CSV and SQLite.

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Datetimes and Timezones

Datetimes and timezones can be extremely confusing, but don't worry, we got your back. In this collection of Bites you get plenty of practice to grasp them once and for all. Go from frustration to mastery, just keep calm and code in Python!

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Decorators and Context Managers

Your Python toolkit won't be the same again after learning about two important patterns: decorators and context managers. Ready to become a Ninja? For decorators you can check out our Learning Python Decorators by Example article but most important is to get coding!

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In this learning path you will write a simple API to track food / calories using the awesome FastAPI framework. This takes you from complete beginner to building your first CRUD (create-read-update-delete) API. 

If you are new to typing / type annotations, maybe you want to complete the first 3 Bites of this learning path first, and/or read our article series.

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Enhance your Python skills learning about the itertools module.

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Object Oriented Programming

Everything in Python is an object - learn OOP techniques that will enrich your Python skills

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Writing test code is an essential skill. We use pytest-cov and MutPy to evaluate your test code. Bookmark this learning path to hone your test coding skills. For more information check out our article: You can now hone your testing / pytest skills on our platform ...

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Python Beginner

This learning path solidifies your understanding of Python fundamentals by completing the following 20 Beginner Bites (recommended: Intro Bites completed / target belt: Yellow / Need help? Check out our Pybites Developer Init (PDI) Coaching Program)

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Python Coding Interview

From a certain perspective, often shared by candidates themselves, the interview process for software jobs can appear unnecessarily nerve-wracking. It seems to be narrowly focused on algorithms, disregarding the practical aptitude of candidates and exhibiting bias towards specific backgrounds.

The Bites in this Learning Path represent a selection, although not an exhaustive one, of the types of DSA challenges commonly encountered in coding interviews. They are arranged in increasing order of difficulty.

We just added the first 4, more to come soon ...

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Regular Expressions

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think, "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems. (Jamie Zawinski) - although it doesn't have to be that way in Python. Check out our 10 Tips to Get More out of Your Regexes article and follow up with one or more exercises below. You text manipulation skills will reach new (Ninja) heights. Note that some of the exercises don't require regexes, but you might find them convenient.

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String Manipulation

String manipulation is a fundamental skill for the effective Pythonista. In this learning paths we offer you a bunch of exercises so this becomes second nature for you!

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Typer is an amazing library for building Command Line Interfaces (CLIs). Leveraging Python type hints you can build great command line apps with relatively little code. In this learning path we'll have you practice the main features of the library.

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In this learning path you will learn how to increase the quality of your code by adding type hints. Intro article / why bother?

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Web Scraping

Web scraping is a super useful skill to possess and Python and libraries like bs4 and requests make it relatively easy. Ever since our Create a Simple Web Scraper with BeautifulSoup4 article we're hooked! In this learning path you will become a Ninja at scraping sites!

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