avatar Bite 316. To rent or to stream movies?

You're on a movie budget so you want to evaluate if streaming movies could be more economical than renting them.

For exercise sake we are going to assume that all movies you rent would be equally available on a single streaming service that has a fixed cost of 12/mo (STREAMING_COST_PER_MONTH, to keep it simple we stick with ints for movie prices in this exercise).

In this Bite you will code the rent_or_stream function:

- It receives renting_history which is a sequence of MovieRented namedtuples, each one representing a record of a movie rented at a certain date for a certain price.

- Loop through those movies and return a dict of keys = months (format: YYYY-MM), and values = 'rent' or 'stream' based on what is cheaper (= total money spent on renting movies that month being less than the fixed STREAMING_COST_PER_MONTH).

Here is a quick demo how this function should work:

>>> from datetime import date
>>> from movie_budget import rent_or_stream, MovieRented
>>> renting_history = [
...     MovieRented('Sonic', 10, date(2020, 11, 4)),
...     MovieRented('Die Hard', 3, date(2020, 11, 3))
... ]
>>> rent_or_stream(renting_history)
{'2020-11': 'stream'}  # 13 > 12
>>> renting_history = [
...     MovieRented('Breach', 7, date(2020, 12, 1)),
...     MovieRented('Love and Monsters', 5, date(2020, 12, 9))
... ]
>>> rent_or_stream(renting_history)
{'2020-12': 'rent'}  # 12 >= 12

Have fun and keep calm and code in Python 🐍

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