Gain Proficiency in Python Solving Real World Exercises

Expect to be challenged, deliberate practice is the key to your success as a programmer

PyBites allowed me to get up to speed in record time. The feedback I got during my interviews was that the code I was submitting to the interview challenges looked like that of a seasoned Python developer.

PyBites was instrumental in transitioning into roles that required heavy use of Python, all while being a lot of fun and having a fantastic community around it. I can highly recommend PyBites to anyone looking to learn or wanting to get their skills upgraded in a fast and fun way.

» Christo Olivier

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How our Community experiences our Platform:

I heard about PyBites from the TalkPython podcast. And subscribed to the PyBites podcast as well, brilliant content. It is not only about python programming, but also about productivity, life, and also the snippet about what you are reading.

I have been learning, reading, and taking online classes for Python for a long time, but have never been able to really practice by solving a problem. A few weeks ago, decided to sign up as a trial to see if I can improve using the platform. The experience was amazing. The challenges are not too hard but challenging at the same time. And the pytest really gives a good environment for learning and testing.

Great platform, really worth becoming a premium member. I Will work towards 100 days of coding.

Keep up the good work.

I wanted to get into the practice of 'code everyday'. That's when PyBites came to my rescue.

Python is of course well documented and there is an ocean of resources to learn programming in Python.
But what I like the most about PyBites is that the Bites are so well structured.

By around the first 50 Bites I had not only come across so many new concepts but had also learnt their usage.

The Learning Paths are also amazing, by the end of last few Bites in every path I am just not alien to the concept anymore and what more the confidence that I get after solving every Bite keeps me going.

Staying here longer for the learning experience :)

Hi, I'm Rodrigo a chemical engineer graduate moving into software development. I started studying this year (2020) and because of my interest in Data Science and Machine Learning, I primarily focused on Python.

Among all the books, online courses and other sources I found PyBites. This time my interest to learn Python deeply increased a lot.

It's hard to describe how much I learned, even after doing only a few Bites of the Object Oriented Programming learning path. It was incredible, I got more confident and started to directly apply several concepts I learned.

Then in July I got selected for an interview for a Data Scientist where I needed to deliver a project. It was really cool: in addition to doing the standard code construction in a Jupyter notebook, I built a class to help with the solution, using various "dunder" methods, decorators and everything else I learned here. And in the end, they hired me!

Today I'm still learning a lot thanks the habit of daily practice the PyBites platform instills. I recommend PyBites to everyone who REALLY wants to learn Python. Thanks Bob, thanks Julian and now let's get some more code in!

PyBites gave me the practice and skills needed to succeed at interview coding challenges, which lead to my first software engineering position! I successfully made a career change with the knowledge and skills I gained from solving bites.

The learning paths gave me focused challenges to help hone my Python skills, specifically the Object-Oriented Programming and pytest learning paths which are skills companies are looking for when hiring new engineers.

I have also learned more about Python’s standard library in the few months of solving bites than any of my previous experience. The standard library is one of Python’s biggest strengths and with PyBites you get the opportunity to learn about libraries such as re, datetime, collections, itertools, functools and much more. I feel much more confident in my ability and knowledge within the Python ecosystem because of PyBites.

I also highly recommend joining the PyBites community to share your programming wins, ask questions about a specific bite or if you want to talk Python! The community is very active and open to everyone.

Thanks PyBites!

I have been learning Python for 6 months now, but I started using this platform this month. I have really learnt new libraries and how to tackle complex issues by solving the challenges.

I really like the structure of this platform, you can decide to solve Bites only based on a particular area using the Learning Paths link.

This is a great platform for getting started with Python and pulling you along to a decent level and beyond. It removes most of the 'what should I try or do next?' which can be the cause of a stall in learning. All you need to do each day is crack on with the next Bite or challenge, and your knowledge and skill grows along with the time invested. I'm hooked.

I used PyBites extensively during my first 100DaysOfCode round. It is an excellent platform for learning Python. Most exercises are bite-sized enough so there is always room to get in at least one of them even on a busy day. It felt I learned a lot of Python language fundamentals, from beginner to advanced topics, by doing different exercises each day. Also I think the test-driven approach in the exercises are a great for learning, and inspires good routines in programming. On top of all that, they make it fun to learn Python, with scores, Ninja belts and what not!

During my long commutes, I wanted to invest the time, instead of being bored out of my mind.
I started listening to TalkPythonToMe, which lead me to #100DaysOfCode. After spending a couple of hours every day on the challenges,
I got access to some bites on the platform and I got hooked! Perfect timing as the Python Bundle was right around the corner and it was the start of my vacation.

I got hooked to the level-based approach. The introduction to the different parts of the standard library and the complexity of the challenges is perfect. It is hard enough to need to read through the documentation or to justify the approach while being specific enough to not 'waste time' on boilerplate code.

Before using PyBites and TalkPythonToMe I saw myself as a python script kiddy, enough knowledge to get the job done but no idea how to do it 'pythonicly'. I've completed all of the challenges on the platform in a rather short amount of time because I really enjoyed every bite. In a short period, I feel like I learned how to tackle a large variety of common tasks and know what is considered 'pythonic' and what isn't in most cases. :)

Now I spend more time on in the standard library documentation or other docs instead of looking up google queries/stack overflow questions.

Thanks, PyBites for this challenging (and addicting) platform!

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