Learn to Write Pythonic Code by Solving Real World Exercises

Expect to be challenged, deliberate practice is the key to your success as a programmer

PyBites allowed me to get up to speed in record time. The feedback I got during my interviews was that the code I was submitting to the interview challenges looked like that of a seasoned Python developer.

PyBites was instrumental in transitioning into roles that required heavy use of Python, all while being a lot of fun and having a fantastic community around it. I can highly recommend PyBites to anyone looking to learn or wanting to get their skills upgraded in a fast and fun way.

» Christo Olivier

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How our Community experiences our Platform:

After being a Pythonista for some time through online reading and writing my own code, I still felt like I missed out on a lot of concepts to make my code more Pythonic and to make use of Python's full potential.

By taking a couple of challenges a day, I managed to take in some more difficult concepts that I didn't understand before.
The bites are just that, small bites of information, all coming with a different Python feature or chaining features together into full-blown usable tools. This allows you to learn at your own rate, while taking breaks as you deem necessary.

The community is very active and helpful if you have questions or you just wanna have a laugh while taking a break from coding. Any problems on the platform or questions about why your code doesn't run? There's always someone to help.

If you're looking for a Python community where you can REALLY develop your skill while getting support from people around the world, don't look any further.

A final note for Bob and Julian, I'm still fresh meat in the community, but the way you guys are handling things makes people feel appreciated as members.
Python has become interesting again and we don't get overwhelmed with useless information. It's a huge language, so sometimes you need a roadmap to get from point to point. You have done a tremendous job mapping this all out.

Thank you guys for turning us into real ninja's :-)

With a background in Linux Sysadmin, I used to think Python was something really useful but out of my reach. I gave myself the goal of becoming better at it and replace Bash with Python for all of my scripting. I started, like many others, by reading books and doing small exercises, but progress was slow and it took a lot of motivation to keep going.
PyBites was a real revelation. Without knowing it, with each exercise you are taken deep into some serious Python concepts, and it's loads of fun! I can do exercises at my own pace, run my code directly in the browser and see if it's a pass. The score board and the incredible support from the community are an invaluable boost to my motivation.
Over time I built a solid profile which includes a portfolio on GitHub and shows my commitment to coding every day. It has already helped me to get a better job as an SRE.
Absolutely amazing.

I recently interviewed for this Data Engineer position. I was able to answer questions during their technical phone screening that I otherwise wouldn’t have known because I kept up with the bites.

I ended up getting an offer and I start next Monday!

It’s true that there is a degree of luck to this, but practicing allowed me to capitalize on the luck!

I'm really enjoying the Bites! I have not made this much progress in my tech skills in a while and it feels invigorating! Specifically i like that you have: 1. designed the Bites so that they are fairly ambiguous and one has to use Stack Overflow/Google to solve them - this is a good simulation of what a dev does at work / 2. the testing is not too constrained so even if I import different modules etc, tests will still pass. I've noticed that on other platforms, testing is "dumbed" down which can get frustrating. Keep the infinite supply of Bites coming ...

Learning Python syntax and what sort of functionality is available in the standard library is not hard, using the official documentation. But learning how to really program in Python, using it WELL without reinventing any wheel, takes considerable practice AND exposure to code written by more experienced developers.

PyBites will give you both with relatively little daily effort. Nothing like solving a bite and then comparing your solution to those of others, going through dozens of "aha! - that's nicer!" moments as you level up. It will keep you learning and refining your techniques until you'll become remarkably fluent and ready to use the language professionally. You will also learn how to automatically test your code, an extremely critical skill. Seriously, it will really make a difference in how well you can use Python, and it will be very entertaining and satisfying to boot. Get aboard!

I think one of the nicest things about this is that it's giving me the confidence to say I am a programmer. I was just talking to some colleagues who want to learn Python (for data analysis) and they kept asking me if I thought they "had what it took to learn Python" and I remember being in that boat months ago. However PyBites' code challenges, going to PyCon, always listening to Python Bytes and Talk Python kinda switched my mindset and to be honest I think that's the biggest gain from this platform.

I'm a career technology professional with 30 years experience. I've always known how to string bits of code together to create simple, process oriented automation, but quite frankly as we enter a new century those skills just don't cut it in a modern Devops environment where everyone effectively needs to be a software engineer in order to make a sincere contribution to their teams velocity.

I'd tried various other learning platforms, and enjoyed them to a greater or lesser extent, but for me the Pybites platform with its gamified instant gratification and superb depth and breadth is the only one that's kept me coming back for more consistently for months at a time.

Beyond the bites themselves, the Challenges offer an opportunity to really leverage the wisdom of the community to level up your craft, learning how and when to use better idioms to solve problems more quickly.

I expect to be enjoying PyBites for some time to come, and owe Bob & Julian (as well as their collaborator in their superlative 100 Days of Code with Python course, Michael!) my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for helping me get that aspecf of my career on track.

Thanks for providing the PyBites portal. This is indeed a rocking platform to get hands on coding experience.

In my opinion it's good for anyone regardless of experience. It's especially wonderful for those who want that 'Kickstart" as sometimes it's hard to start (due to n numbers of factors).

For me it was awesome to solve some of the problems where I was able to learn and understand some of the hidden secrets in Python. The solutions provided also demonstrate how to make readable (pythonic) code, which I believe is the best feature.

I am very happy that I found this site and look forward to learning more!

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