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PyBites allowed me to get up to speed in record time. The feedback I got during my interviews was that the code I was submitting to the interview challenges looked like that of a seasoned Python developer.

PyBites was instrumental in transitioning into roles that required heavy use of Python, all while being a lot of fun and having a fantastic community around it. I can highly recommend PyBites to anyone looking to learn or wanting to get their skills upgraded in a fast and fun way.

» Christo Olivier

Newbie Bites

$ 39.95
For 25 Bites

Our collection of 25 Newbie Bites are geared towards the absolute beginner in Python and programming.

If you've never coded before, this is for you! We break all of the basic concepts of Python down into easy-to-understand exercises.

Learn Python from scratch, in the browser, no setup required!

Bite Bundles

$ 49.95
For 20 Bites (40 Bites = $ 89.95 / 60 Bites = $ 119.95)

You know the benefits of regular exercising but you want to go at your own pace.

With our Bite bundles you unlock just the exercises you need *, whenever you want. Pay once, own them forever!

If you want to code Bites by topic, take a look at our Learning Paths.

* excludes Newbie Bites

Premium Access

$ 9.99
Per month

Do you want to seriously crush it using Python? If so, it's time to go Premium. You'll get access to our 228 (and growing) collection of exercises. *

The more deliberate practice you put in the more qualified you become as a developer / programmer.

Impress both colleagues and recruiters with the Python skills you learn here - skills that books alone won't teach you.

* excludes Newbie Bites

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Create a team of talented Python Developers and save a ton of time, headaches and resources recruiting them.


  • All Premium features.
  • Create your own Bites (1 Bite slot per 2 users).
  • Team dashboard showing usage and scores (ninja belts).
  • Add your own branding to our platform.

Price per seat:
Seat count:

  • All Premium features.
  • Use our Bites or create your own to interview Python job candidates.
  • Interviewee submission dashboard showing last 5 code revisions and metrics.
  • Set a time restriction to complete a Bite.
  • Add your own branding to our platform.

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How our Community experiences our Platform:

I think one of the nicest things about this is that it's giving me the confidence to say I am a programmer. I was just talking to some colleagues who want to learn Python (for data analysis) and they kept asking me if I thought they "had what it took to learn Python" and I remember being in that boat months ago. However PyBites' code challenges, going to PyCon, always listening to Python Bytes and Talk Python kinda switched my mindset and to be honest I think that's the biggest gain from this platform.

The exercises on PyBites provide feedback through automated tests and encourage learning Python-specific concepts. Feedback-based practice is the key to learning. I'd definitely recommend new Python developers try to solve a few of these exercises.

Regardless if you're new to coding or an experienced developer, the greatest approach to hone and advance your skills is by coding daily. Even if just for 30 minutes a day. I've been teaching myself to code for a few years now and I've used countless resources to do this. But, NOTHING has dominated the benefits I've received growing my skills on PyBites. PyBites is a FANTASTIC platform with a GREAT and FRIENDLY community. There is ALWAYS someone willing to help anyone else out. You should come join us!!

To become a solid and confident software developer, you must stretch your skills and knowledge. You have to practice more than most areas of study. That is why #100DaysOfCode has connected with the community so deeply. However, when you are new it is very difficult to know what to build and to stay on track. The PyBites platform is a great asset to help focus your enthusiasm and keep you going for that amazing 100 days.

Hey! You should check out the PyBites platform, it is an amazing way to learn #Python or to keep fresh what you already know! Their bites and challenges will give you a good time. 😎

I'm really enjoying the Bites! I have not made this much progress in my tech skills in a while and it feels invigorating! Specifically i like that you have: 1. designed the Bites so that they are fairly ambiguous and one has to use Stack Overflow/Google to solve them - this is a good simulation of what a dev does at work / 2. the testing is not too constrained so even if I import different modules etc, tests will still pass. I've noticed that on other platforms, testing is "dumbed" down which can get frustrating. Keep the infinite supply of Bites coming ...

PyBites is the best platform I can recommend for beginners and advanced Pythonistas. Before joining I was reading books and would not apply anything I learned. On the PyBites platform however I learned: 1. to use many Python libraries. There are plenty of ways to arrive at a solution and through PyBites I learned about many modules in the standard library using them for my solutions. In the discussion forums I learned how to code more "Pythonically", 2. that providing a solution to Bites is one thing, the unit tests that are part of every Bite are really worth reading as well (the test code for every Bite uses different pytest features), 3. that PyBites has a great, wide ranging slack community of pythonistas of all levels. I have had the freedom to share my queries and the community has been really helpful. It's been 2 months since I joined this community and my progress is really good. Not only did I learn about a lot of modules, I also learned how to write better unit tests.

Dennis Ritchie said: “The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it”. This saying is completely justified by PyBites! Their platform gives you immense possibilities to play, experiment and learn with so many different types of pythonic problems, ranging from code challenges, bites and even their interactive courses. Apart from these, PyBites is a community of its own kind. You get help whenever you are in need. Since so many Pythonistas from all across the globe are active here, you get 24*7 support to continue learning in an efficient manner. I literally gained a lot from this place by solving code challenges and learning from and talking to great mentors who are always ready to give you the deepest insight possible. You literally can talk to them even for moral support. How cool is that, don’t you think? Come join our community and become a PyBites Ninja. Happy Coding!

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