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PyBites allowed me to get up to speed in record time. The feedback I got during my interviews was that the code I was submitting to the interview challenges looked like that of a seasoned Python developer.

PyBites was instrumental in transitioning into roles that required heavy use of Python, all while being a lot of fun and having a fantastic community around it. I can highly recommend PyBites to anyone looking to learn or wanting to get their skills upgraded in a fast and fun way.

» Christo Olivier

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How our Community experiences our Platform:

For me, the PyBites platform provides an incredibly helpful medium to progress and practice.

The bites often necessitate reading up on unfamiliar modules, libraries, built-ins, etc. Without the problem-solving context of PyBites, it would be almost impossible to absorb the information.

I particularly like the subtle guidance given in the form of “hint tags” associated with each “Bites Of Py” exercise. They don’t give much away but point you in the right direction – that’s a great way to learn!

The slack channel is an excellent example of how friendly the Python community is. The founders, Bob and Julian, took the time to reach out to me and to chat with me. I felt very welcome as a fresh Pythonista.

I'm really enjoying the Bites! I have not made this much progress in my tech skills in a while and it feels invigorating! Specifically i like that you have: 1. designed the Bites so that they are fairly ambiguous and one has to use Stack Overflow/Google to solve them - this is a good simulation of what a dev does at work / 2. the testing is not too constrained so even if I import different modules etc, tests will still pass. I've noticed that on other platforms, testing is "dumbed" down which can get frustrating. Keep the infinite supply of Bites coming ...

PyBites is currently the best platform which follows the 'practicality' approach. The bites, exercises and challenges will bring a sense of solving problems which matches real world scenarios. So I'd recommend this to anyone who likes Python or programming to move out the shell and get hands-on experience. Good work, Bob and Julian and all other members of the community.

This is a great platform for getting started with Python and pulling you along to a decent level and beyond. It removes most of the 'what should I try or do next?' which can be the cause of a stall in learning. All you need to do each day is crack on with the next Bite or challenge, and your knowledge and skill grows along with the time invested. I'm hooked.

This platform for learning Python has been invaluable. I think it works well because it gives small challenges to complete every night that don't require too much time to get your head around. I've found it builds a strong habit that is needed to learn effectively. If you ever get stuck there is a fantastic community available to help answer questions no matter how simple they seem. Awesome work by the pybites team.

I think PyBites is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've used Hackerrank, Codesignal, Geeks2Geeks, TopCoder, Euler, Leetcode, etc, etc, etc. All of them have their good points and their uses, and some I still use regularly, but *PyBites* is the one that's most useful to me, clearest, and best put together. PyBites is helping me fill in gaps in my Python skills, and level up.

The exercises on PyBites provide feedback through automated tests and encourage learning Python-specific concepts. Feedback-based practice is the key to learning. I'd definitely recommend new Python developers try to solve a few of these exercises.

We use Python 3.7