avatar Bite 202. Analyze some Bite stats data - part II

In this Bite you will analyze complexity levels of our first 200 Bites of Py exercises.

We loaded this CSV file with some stats that look like this:

  $ head bite_levels.csv
Bite 1. Sum n numbers;3.45
Bite 2. Regex Fun;4.89
Bite 3. Word Values;3.97
Bite 4. Top 10 PyBites tags;4.72
Bite 5. Parse a list of names;4.48
Bite 6. PyBites Die Hard;6.8
Bite 7. Parsing dates from logs;5.76
Bite 8. Rotate string characters;3.5
Bite 9. Palindromes;4.71
Bite 200. 🥳 Minecraft Enchantable Items;None

The last column shows the average complexity score if available, if not it shows None.

Complete the get_most_complex_bites function below following its docstring.

Your code will be tested calling your function with different arguments.

Update: some folks reported hitting a UTF-8 BOM error. In that case use encoding="utf-8-sig" when opening the csv file.

Have fun and keep calm and code in Python!

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