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tl;dr: We loved and hated it, BUT: we became Better Programmers!
Coding for 100 days straight is an incredibly satisfying experience. We did it. We loved it and we hated it. The outcome however, was the same for both of us. We learned an absolute shitload over the 100 days and we’re better off for it!
- How to Learn Python
We highly recommend doing 100 Days no matter your level. Being aspiring or experienced programmers, you need deliberate practice. A lot of it. We can now assure you that 100Days makes you practice. And with the public commitment it's also a way to enhance your portfolio.
- 200 Days of PyBites, 100 Days of Code and our Next Project

Need inspiration?

Talk is cheap. Show me the code (Linus Torvalds) ... ok ok, here is our 100 Days log from when we did the challenge for the first time.

Still not convinced?

Listen to PyBites creators Bob and Julian talk about their experience on the Talk Python podcast:

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PyBites and Talk Python have built a 100 Days Curriculum that will get you to the next level in your Python career:

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