avatar Bite 220. Analysing @pythonbytes RSS feed

Another feedparser exercise! In this Bite we're going to analyze the Python Bytes Podcast feed a bit completing the PythonBytes class:

  1. Use feedparser to load the passed in feed URL into self.entries
  2. Next complete the stubbed out methods following the docstrings: get_episode_numbers_for_mentioned_domain, get_most_mentioned_domain_names, number_episodes_with_special_guest, and get_average_duration_episode_in_seconds.

We added some type hinting and left the modules we used in the imports at the top. Also check out the tests, we use the full and partial feeds so hardcoded answers won't pass ;)

We were not sure to rate this intermediate or advanced, but this deserves 4 points for sure, so we kept it Advanced.

If you get stuck you can ask help on our Slack -> #codechallenges channel, just don't give any solutions away.

Good luck and keep calm and code in Python!

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