avatar Bite 100. Display the last part of a file (Unix tail)

Complete the function below simulating Unix' tail, for example:

$ tail -3 test_tail.py
# byte to str conversion and strip off last line's newline char
expected = [line.decode("utf-8") for line in lines]
assert tail(f.name, 10) == expected

Complete the function below which receives (absolute) filepath and n lines to filter from the end which is returned in a list.

For example, if we call it on a file - stored in filepath - with this content:

Hello world!
We hope that you are learning a lot of Python.
Have fun with our Bites of Py.
Keep calm and code in Python!
Become a PyBites ninja!

... and give it n of 2 (= calling it as: tail(filepath, 2)), it should return this:

['Keep calm and code in Python!',
 'Become a PyBites ninja!']

(note: newlines are stripped off)

Have fun and let us know if you have any questions ...

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