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go back Level: Intermediate (img: IM / score: 3) level Bite 65. Get all valid dictionary words for a draw of letters

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This Bite focusses on the use of itertools. To that extend you complete get_possible_dict_words and _get_permutations_draw to get all valid dictionary words for a random draw of 7 letters.

This is fed into the tests that calculate the word with maximum value (work previously done for Bite 3) and there you go: you have a Scrabble cheat tool (Scrabble fans, pay attention or maybe skip this Bite!).

For example a draw of letters G, A, R, Y, T, E, V would give highest valued word GARVEY (13 points).

This Bite is adapted from PyBites Code Challenge 02: Word Values Part II - A Simple Game. Check it out if you want to code up the complete game including the user interaction part.

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