Bite 150. Turn messy CSV into JSON

At the 1 year mark of our platform here is Bite 150! In this Bite you are presented with some messed up csv (to avoid file IO we pre-loaded it into a multi-line string variable members). The first line is the header and can be assumed to only have commas, the 10 data rows though have a mix of ,, | and ; delimiters.

But no worries, you Python ninjas can do data cleaning for breakfast no?!

Complete convert_to_json parsing this output and returning valid json like this:

{'id': '1', 'first_name': 'Junie', 'last_name': 'Kybert', 'email': '[email protected]'}
{'id': '2', 'first_name': 'Sid', 'last_name': 'Churching', 'email': '[email protected]'}
{'id': '3', 'first_name': 'Cherry', 'last_name': 'Dudbridge', 'email': '[email protected]'}

The tests will check if your output is indeed valid json and of course if it contains all data. Good luck!

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We use Python 3.7