avatar Bite 130. Analyze some basic Car Data

In this exercise you will analyze some basic car data. Here is the (fake) JSON data we created with Mockeroo - snippet below / full output here:

  [{"id":1,"automaker":"Dodge","model":"Ram Van 1500","year":1999},
   {"id":2,"automaker":"Chrysler","model":"Town & Country","year":2002},
   ... 997 car entries more ...

First you will write most_prolific_automaker to find out which automaker produces the most new models for a particular year.

Secondly you will write get_models which filters the data set down to car models produced by a particular automaker and year (as passed into the function).

To keep it a Beginner Bite we'll pause here, but if you like this data set, let us know and we make a follow-up Bite, maybe we can add some financial data :)

Check out the docstrings and pytests and give it a shot. Good luck and keep calm keep and code in Python.

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