GH avatar Bite 138. OOP fun at the Zoo

Finish the Animal class below adding one or more class variables and a classmethod so that the following code:

dog = Animal('dog')
cat = Animal('cat')
fish = Animal('fish')
lion = Animal('lion')
mouse = Animal('mouse')

... produces the following output:

10001. Dog
10002. Cat
10003. Fish
10004. Lion
10005. Mouse

Few things to note here:

  • The sequencing starts at 10000,
  • Each animal gets title cased,
  • An individual animal should print the sequence+name string as well, so best to implement the __str__ method on the class.

So making another animal at this point, the following should work:

horse = Animal('horse')
assert str(horse) == "10006. Horse"

As usual this is what the pytest code tests when you submit your code.

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