avatar Bite 242. Zodiacal data parsing

Note this is a Test Bite and uses Python 3.7 and MutPy 0.6.1

In this Bite we will write tests for a module that parses data from Zodiacal / The Zodiac API. See the CODE TO TEST tab below.

  1. The get_signs function is used in the signs fixture that has been provided in the template. You can use it in your tests by passing it into your test functions (read our article if you have not used them yet).
  2. Write code to test get_sign_with_most_famous_people, signs_are_mutually_compatible and get_sign_by_date.
  3. As with all our test Bites, your test code will be tested for: 1. correct syntax, 2. pytest passes all tests, 3. 100% coverage, 4. 100% mutation score (mutpy)

Good luck and keep calm and code in Python + pytest! If you have ideas and/or open source code that can serve us for more test Bites, please hit us up here or in our community ...

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