GH avatar Bite 149. Sorting words with constraint

Here is a list of words Jacob is trying to sort:

>>> words = "It's almost Holidays and PyBites wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019".split()
>>> sorted(words)
['2019', 'Christmas', 'Happy', 'Holidays', "It's", 'Merry', 'PyBites', 'You', 'a', 'a', 'almost', 'and', 'and', 'wishes']

Hmm ... ideally he'd like to sort them case insensitively and numbers last. Could you complete the function below to do this for him? So the result would be:

['a', 'a', 'almost', 'and', 'and', 'Christmas', 'Happy', 'Holidays', "It's", 'Merry', 'PyBites', 'wishes', 'You', '2019']

By the way, you can submit ideas/needs/wishes for Bites at the bottom of our Bites homepage where you'll find a form for each Bite level. Cheers!

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