Newbie Bites of Py Exercises

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1. Assigning Objects

Welcome to! It’s time to learn some Python. The first thing you’ll need to learn is how to assign …

newbie variables

2. Basic Data Types

If you really think about it, there are multiple different types of data that you can play with when coding. …

data types newbie

3. Basic Printing

Before we dive too far into these objects, let's quickly look at how we print to the screen. Almost every …

newbie print

4. Printing Objects

Excellent! We know things! Now that we have data assigned to objects and we know how to print, let's print …

newbie print

5. Basic Maths

We're able to print integers. Now what? Yep, it's time for some maths! Wooo!

math newbie

6. Additional Maths

Let's quickly cover off the rest of the math operators. We've had a look at addition so next we need …

math newbie

7. User Input

Quite often as you make scripts and applications you're going to need to grab user input. One of the ways …

input newbie

8. String Manipulation

There are times you'll need to manipulate the strings you've assigned to a variable. Case in point, when you're dealing …

newbie string manipulation

9. Lists

Next up on our Python journey we're going to dive into what a list is in Python.

list newbie

10. Returning items by list index

Lists are pretty awesome (both in Python and in real life, am I right?). They're also pretty fun to work …

list newbie

11. Adding and Removing items from a list

Now that we have our list, what if we decide we want to change it after it's been defined/created?

list newbie

12. Dicts

It's time to dive into the next data structure in Python: the Dictionary!

dict list newbie

13. Dict data retrieval methods

Excellent! We know what a dict is and what it looks like! Now let's access the data stored inside?


14. Functions

Here we go, the big one. Functions! This is where things really start to get fun!

functions newbie

15. Functions part II

Functions can be kind of tricky to start off with so let's do a bit of practice.

functions newbie

16. Equals Operator

In this quick bite we'll teach out about the equals operator.

equality newbie

17. If / else

It's time to look at the amazing if statement! It's one of the most valuable bits of code in your …

if/else newbie

18. Truthiness

One of the things we often need to check when we code is whether a condition is True or False. …

newbie truthiness

19. Less than and greater than

We'll now take a look at usage of the "less than" < and "greater than" > operators.

comparison newbie

20. While loop

The next challenge is to learn all about the while loop. Let's dive right in.

newbie while


Time to look at one of the more useful aspects of programming: Comments!

comments newbie

22. For loops

It's time to move on to a slightly more complex but brilliant loop: the for loop!

looping newbie

23. Looping through a dict

While we've explained how for loops work, it's worth diving into how we use them with dictionaries.

dict newbie

24. Tuples

One data type we've yet to cover is the tuple. It's a special one so here we go.

newbie tuples

25. Calling a function

The last Bite! Let's actually use what we've created by learning how to actually call a function.

functions newbie

We use Python 3.7