PyBites Platform Testimonials

I'm a career technology professional with 30 years experience. I've always known how to string bits of code together to create simple, process oriented automation, but quite frankly as we enter a new century those skills just don't cut it in a modern Devops environment where everyone effectively needs to be a software engineer in order to make a sincere contribution to their teams velocity.

I'd tried various other learning platforms, and enjoyed them to a greater or lesser extent, but for me the Pybites platform with its gamified instant gratification and superb depth and breadth is the only one that's kept me coming back for more consistently for months at a time.

Beyond the bites themselves, the Challenges offer an opportunity to really leverage the wisdom of the community to level up your craft, learning how and when to use better idioms to solve problems more quickly.

I expect to be enjoying PyBites for some time to come, and owe Bob & Julian (as well as their collaborator in their superlative 100 Days of Code with Python course, Michael!) my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for helping me get that aspecf of my career on track.

After trying Object Oriented Programming on Python, to say I was confused, would be me saying the least. For whatever reason, I just didn't know what I was doing. Tutors were all recommending, cram this, flashcard that, but when it came to using it, I was always lost. I asked about it on a slack channel and two members directed me here.

The first day I tried a "beginner" OOP challenge, I had to research multiple things, not just what I wanted to learn. That's one of the most valuable thing in this platform, it's not like your mathematics class where if you're learning quadratic equations, you only have to deal with quadratic equations. This platform encompasses different aspects of logic that no book can teach you.

The slack community is an invaluable resource, everyone tries to help one another, anyway they can. We all need help, some time or the other, I know I did. I was stuck somewhere, I posted about it and someone helped me regain my confidence.

In my opinion, you should stop reading how to, when to, why to, and just "do". The best way to learn is by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and trying to become comfortable, that's what PyBites does for the aspiring Pythonista.
~My 50 cents.

I spent too long floundering in Tutorial Purgatory before encountering the Pybites Code Challenges. The challenges vary in difficulty, don't have to be done in order, and each covers a limited objective, such as using Pandas in a particular way. Some bites need only the standard library, others introduce you to useful third-party libraries and APIs. These aren't exhaustive deep dives, but enough of an introduction to accomplish something useful enough to adapt to your own projects: parsing an RSS feed, analyzing data scraped from a web page, cleaning up text, searching logs, and so on.

Unlike some more structured training sites that require letter-perfect solutions before you can move on, PyBites uses - and in many cases lets you see - the tests that judge your solution, written in pytest. Your code can be ugly and evil, but if it passes the tests, you can see the official solution, and access the bite forum that shows how others in the community solved it. I'm often embarrassed by my solutions, but even winning ugly is worth it for the learning experience and the feedback you can get from sharing your code. It's not about getting THE correct answer - often there are multiple ways to do it - but about consistent improvement, and being able to go back and see your progress.

As a software tester, I really appreciate the pytest modules and often find that building my solutions through TDD is a great way to learn. I appreciate the wide mix within the PyBites community - complete beginners to data scientists and prominent Pythonista bloggers, podcasters, and trainers.

The gamification aspect can be addicting, but I've learned not to take it personally when others rise through the ranks like pool sharks. When they're coming up fast or slightly ahead, I'm motivated to work a little harder, until they leave me in the dust. But there's always someone else behind them to keep you going. There's a real satisfaction in rising through the ranks, earning the next "belt." The community - here and in the Slack channel - is very supportive and helpful. You can get help when you're stuck, and cheers when your submission returns Green.

This site has kept me coming back for over a year now, and I see a real improvement in my ability to code and solve problems in Python. There are new bites nearly every week, and the site is continually evolving with new features. Completed bites are worth revisiting as new members post their solutions, helping to refresh and reinforce the concepts you learned when you solved it.

I've been practising using other platforms such as Leetcode, and Hackerank, but I found PyBites significantly more advanced considering both content and website interactivity. Very recommended even if you are not new to Python!

Every bite of Py has been educational and I am continuously being pushed way past my comfort zone and have grown accustomed to an ever changing and dynamic environment. At this rate, I'll be a pro in no time!

Thanks Bob and Julian!

I am still a Python newbie, yet the PyBites community has been as welcoming to me as if I were already a "Ninja." I've also been impressed with how much I've been able to learn just by completing the introductory Bites. I look forward to completing more challenges!

For me, the PyBites platform provides an incredibly helpful medium to progress and practice.

The bites often necessitate reading up on unfamiliar modules, libraries, built-ins, etc. Without the problem-solving context of PyBites, it would be almost impossible to absorb the information.

I particularly like the subtle guidance given in the form of “hint tags” associated with each “Bites Of Py” exercise. They don’t give much away but point you in the right direction – that’s a great way to learn!

After being a Pythonista for some time through online reading and writing my own code, I still felt like I missed out on a lot of concepts to make my code more Pythonic and to make use of Python's full potential.

By taking a couple of challenges a day, I managed to take in some more difficult concepts that I didn't understand before.
The bites are just that, small bites of information, all coming with a different Python feature or chaining features together into full-blown usable tools. This allows you to learn at your own rate, while taking breaks as you deem necessary.

The community is very active and helpful if you have questions or you just wanna have a laugh while taking a break from coding. Any problems on the platform or questions about why your code doesn't run? There's always someone to help.

If you're looking for a Python community where you can REALLY develop your skill while getting support from people around the world, don't look any further.

A final note for Bob and Julian, I'm still fresh meat in the community, but the way you guys are handling things makes people feel appreciated as members.
Python has become interesting again and we don't get overwhelmed with useless information. It's a huge language, so sometimes you need a roadmap to get from point to point. You have done a tremendous job mapping this all out.

Thank you guys for turning us into real ninja's :-)

I used PyBites extensively during my first 100DaysOfCode round. It is an excellent platform for learning Python. Most exercises are bite-sized enough so there is always room to get in at least one of them even on a busy day. It felt I learned a lot of Python language fundamentals, from beginner to advanced topics, by doing different exercises each day. Also I think the test-driven approach in the exercises are a great for learning, and inspires good routines in programming. On top of all that, they make it fun to learn Python, with scores, Ninja belts and what not!

PyBites exercises are a fantastic way to learn by doing. I've gained much more experience and confidence in my coding doing the bites on this site than I have in a couple of years of using books and video tutorials. I wish this site had existed when I first started learning Python, it would have made it much easier and more fun.

I just finished the beginner bites and wanted to say thank you, and what a joy it's been to have this resource the past few months. As someone who doesn't get a chance to work in Python daily or even weekly sometimes, these exercises have really helped me stay grounded in Python as well as explore a lot of areas of the standard library I wasn't familiar with.

On to intermediate!

PyBites has a very welcoming community who are very helpful and make you feel like you are not alone. The challenges are very practical and help you to discover builtins and modules that you may not have known about. There are very helpful tips, articles and a Slack channel where you can get help along the way. The CoFounder even sent me a very encouraging message video which helped tremendously in motivating me.

PyBites is currently the best platform which follows the 'practicality' approach. The bites, exercises and challenges will bring a sense of solving problems which matches real world scenarios. So I'd recommend this to anyone who likes Python or programming to move out the shell and get hands-on experience. Good work, Bob and Julian and all other members of the community.

I recently interviewed for this Data Engineer position. I was able to answer questions during their technical phone screening that I otherwise wouldn’t have known because I kept up with the bites.

I ended up getting an offer and I start next Monday!

It’s true that there is a degree of luck to this, but practicing allowed me to capitalize on the luck!

To become a solid and confident software developer, you must stretch your skills and knowledge. You have to practice more than most areas of study. That is why #100DaysOfCode has connected with the community so deeply. However, when you are new it is very difficult to know what to build and to stay on track. The PyBites platform is a great asset to help focus your enthusiasm and keep you going for that amazing 100 days.

The slack channel is an excellent example of how friendly the Python community is. The founders, Bob and Julian, took the time to reach out to me and to chat with me. I felt very welcome as a fresh Pythonista.

Overall the PyBites is a great resource to jump in and begin coding in Python. Each bite showcases a certain topic in Python that helps establish the fundamentals of the language. Looking forward in continuing the journey. :)

PyBites was very challenging when I first started. But, I quickly found that the testing system provided helpful, instant feedback. The bites push you to learn new aspects of the language and how they fit together to solve a problem. The successes spur you to keep trying and this creates a virtuous cycle. It's a bit embarrassing but I started dreaming about Python! I can honestly say that the platform took me from beginner knowledge to intermediate. I definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to stretch their limits.

You guys aren't developing an army of geeks or nerds. You're developing an army of problem solvers and that's a nobel deed ! It's very inspiring.

Thanks for providing the PyBites portal. This is indeed a rocking platform to get hands on coding experience.

In my opinion it's good for anyone regardless of experience. It's especially wonderful for those who want that 'Kickstart" as sometimes it's hard to start (due to n numbers of factors).

For me it was awesome to solve some of the problems where I was able to learn and understand some of the hidden secrets in Python. The solutions provided also demonstrate how to make readable (pythonic) code, which I believe is the best feature.

I am very happy that I found this site and look forward to learning more!

I think one of the nicest things about this is that it's giving me the confidence to say I am a programmer. I was just talking to some colleagues who want to learn Python (for data analysis) and they kept asking me if I thought they "had what it took to learn Python" and I remember being in that boat months ago. However PyBites' code challenges, going to PyCon, always listening to Python Bytes and Talk Python kinda switched my mindset and to be honest I think that's the biggest gain from this platform.

I am a network engineer, not aspiring to be a developer at all. At the beginning, I just wanted to learn some Python to automate stuff. However, after trying PyBites I delved much deeper and learned much more than I ever supposed to. You guys, came up with an absolutely fascinating way to teach a programming language, and I'm grateful to you for all the fun I had and all things I learned. Thanks, and best luck to you developing this project (and any others you may start in future).

This platform for learning Python has been invaluable. I think it works well because it gives small challenges to complete every night that don't require too much time to get your head around. I've found it builds a strong habit that is needed to learn effectively. If you ever get stuck there is a fantastic community available to help answer questions no matter how simple they seem. Awesome work by the pybites team.

I'm really enjoying the Bites! I have not made this much progress in my tech skills in a while and it feels invigorating! Specifically i like that you have: 1. designed the Bites so that they are fairly ambiguous and one has to use Stack Overflow/Google to solve them - this is a good simulation of what a dev does at work / 2. the testing is not too constrained so even if I import different modules etc, tests will still pass. I've noticed that on other platforms, testing is "dumbed" down which can get frustrating. Keep the infinite supply of Bites coming ...

Hey! You should check out the PyBites platform, it is an amazing way to learn #Python or to keep fresh what you already know! Their bites and challenges will give you a good time. 😎

Regardless if you're new to coding or an experienced developer, the greatest approach to hone and advance your skills is by coding daily. Even if just for 30 minutes a day. I've been teaching myself to code for a few years now and I've used countless resources to do this. But, NOTHING has dominated the benefits I've received growing my skills on PyBites. PyBites is a FANTASTIC platform with a GREAT and FRIENDLY community. There is ALWAYS someone willing to help anyone else out. You should come join us!!

The exercises on PyBites provide feedback through automated tests and encourage learning Python-specific concepts. Feedback-based practice is the key to learning. I'd definitely recommend new Python developers try to solve a few of these exercises.

Dennis Ritchie said: “The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it”. This saying is completely justified by PyBites! Their platform gives you immense possibilities to play, experiment and learn with so many different types of pythonic problems, ranging from code challenges, bites and even their interactive courses. Apart from these, PyBites is a community of its own kind. You get help whenever you are in need. Since so many Pythonistas from all across the globe are active here, you get 24*7 support to continue learning in an efficient manner. I literally gained a lot from this place by solving code challenges and learning from and talking to great mentors who are always ready to give you the deepest insight possible. You literally can talk to them even for moral support. How cool is that, don’t you think? Come join our community and become a PyBites Ninja. Happy Coding!

TL;DR: If you want to do more than follow tutorials PYBITES.

When I first started learning I read several books and did tutorials but I soon started looking for something that was just that step past the hand-holding offered by those resources.

CUE PYBITES. I've actually seen growth in my confidence and skill with Python after hammering away at the PyBites offerings. It is rather remarkable how the content here meets you right in that sweet spot of I think I can do this and I know I can do this.

If you run into problems or get in over your head the community is there to help, be warned they will not give you the answer, but they will hint and nudge and even push you in the direction you need to go, all you have to do is ask.

I look forward to the day when I am confident enough with the language, and programming in general, to do for someone else what these folks have done for me.

If you want to be a Python programmer, or if you are already one, Pybites platform has a lot to offer you in terms of newbie, intermediate, advanced exercises and long form blog challenges.

These exercises are not merely puzzles that you solve in Python. In contrast to many other coding challenge platforms, these are real world problems you would face while learning Python and building apps. It is very convenient to solve the exercise in the browser, run tests, and look at the solution and discussion to learn the Pythonic way to solve problems. You have various learning paths if you want to focus on concepts such as OOPs, testing, algorithms, etc.

The badges, the 100 days challenge, tracking daily activity keeps you motivated to get better everyday. The slack community is very welcoming, and helpful. I see immeasurable value from this platform, and it is worth every cent many times over.

Bob and Julian, thank you so much for this platform. I really appreciate your work, and it has helped me immensely to get better in Python.

I can't thank the PyBites team enough for their dedication to building a solid learning platform for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pythonista alike. The variety of exercises continues to grow in depth and breadth, there are consistently new coding challenges to push your limits and expand your knowledge. The Slack community is a open and inviting place to share ideas and ask for help if you get stuck on a problem.

PyBites gets me up and motivated in the morning! It's better than coffee!

This is a great platform for getting started with Python and pulling you along to a decent level and beyond. It removes most of the 'what should I try or do next?' which can be the cause of a stall in learning. All you need to do each day is crack on with the next Bite or challenge, and your knowledge and skill grows along with the time invested. I'm hooked.

With a background in Linux Sysadmin, I used to think Python was something really useful but out of my reach. I gave myself the goal of becoming better at it and replace Bash with Python for all of my scripting. I started, like many others, by reading books and doing small exercises, but progress was slow and it took a lot of motivation to keep going.
PyBites was a real revelation. Without knowing it, with each exercise you are taken deep into some serious Python concepts, and it's loads of fun! I can do exercises at my own pace, run my code directly in the browser and see if it's a pass. The score board and the incredible support from the community are an invaluable boost to my motivation.
Over time I built a solid profile which includes a portfolio on GitHub and shows my commitment to coding every day. It has already helped me to get a better job as an SRE.
Absolutely amazing.

I think PyBites is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've used Hackerrank, Codesignal, Geeks2Geeks, TopCoder, Euler, Leetcode, etc, etc, etc. All of them have their good points and their uses, and some I still use regularly, but *PyBites* is the one that's most useful to me, clearest, and best put together. PyBites is helping me fill in gaps in my Python skills, and level up.

During my long commutes, I wanted to invest the time, instead of being bored out of my mind.
I started listening to TalkPythonToMe, which lead me to #100DaysOfCode. After spending a couple of hours every day on the challenges,
I got access to some bites on the platform and I got hooked! Perfect timing as the Python Bundle was right around the corner and it was the start of my vacation.

I got hooked to the level-based approach. The introduction to the different parts of the standard library and the complexity of the challenges is perfect. It is hard enough to need to read through the documentation or to justify the approach while being specific enough to not 'waste time' on boilerplate code.

Before using PyBites and TalkPythonToMe I saw myself as a python script kiddy, enough knowledge to get the job done but no idea how to do it 'pythonicly'. I've completed all of the challenges on the platform in a rather short amount of time because I really enjoyed every bite. In a short period, I feel like I learned how to tackle a large variety of common tasks and know what is considered 'pythonic' and what isn't in most cases. :)

Now I spend more time on in the standard library documentation or other docs instead of looking up google queries/stack overflow questions.

Thanks, PyBites for this challenging (and addicting) platform!

PyBites was instrumental in getting me up to speed fast with Python after a career with other technologies. Not only was it directly responsible for helping me land a great job but it also exposed me to many different aspects of Python programming that crosses multiple disciplines, something that very few resources do.

PyBites is the best platform I can recommend for beginners and advanced Pythonistas. Before joining I was reading books and would not apply anything I learned.

On the PyBites platform however I learned:

1. to use many Python libraries. There are plenty of ways to arrive at a solution and through PyBites I learned about many modules in the standard library using them for my solutions. In the discussion forums I learned how to code more "Pythonically",

2. that providing a solution to Bites is one thing, the unit tests that are part of every Bite are really worth reading as well (the test code for every Bite uses different pytest features),

3. that PyBites has a great, wide ranging slack community of pythonistas of all levels. I have had the freedom to share my queries and the community has been really helpful.

It's been 2 months since I joined this community and my progress is really good. Not only did I learn about a lot of modules, I also learned how to write better unit tests.

We use Python 3.8