Bite 129. Analyze Stock Data

In this Bite we will answer some questions about stocks, using some JSON data obtained from the awesome Mockeroo fake data generator service.

Here is a snippet of the output you will parse (full output here):

  [{"id":1,"name":"Anworth Mortgage Asset  Corporation",
    "symbol":"ANH","industry":"Real Estate Investment Trusts",
    "sector":"Consumer Services","market":"NYSE","cap":"$600.57M"},
   {"id":2,"name":"DarioHealth Corp.",
   "symbol":"DRIO","industry":"Medical/Dental Instruments",
   "sector":"Health Care","market":"NASDAQ","cap":"$21.78M"},
   ... 998 more stocks ...

Complete the 4 functions below following the instructions in the docstrings. Good luck and keep calm and parse your Data in Python.

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We use Python 3.7