avatar Bite 129. Analyze Stock Data

In this Bite we will answer some questions about stocks, using some JSON data obtained from the awesome Mockeroo fake data generator service.

Here is a snippet of the output you will parse (full output here):

  [{"id":1,"name":"Anworth Mortgage Asset  Corporation",
    "symbol":"ANH","industry":"Real Estate Investment Trusts",
    "sector":"Consumer Services","market":"NYSE","cap":"$600.57M"},
   {"id":2,"name":"DarioHealth Corp.",
   "symbol":"DRIO","industry":"Medical/Dental Instruments",
   "sector":"Health Care","market":"NASDAQ","cap":"$21.78M"},
   ... 998 more stocks ...

Complete the 4 functions below following the instructions in the docstrings. Good luck and keep calm and parse your Data in Python.

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