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Overwhelmed by tutorials? Stop consuming books and courses! The only way to really learn to code is to write a lot of relevant code. Our platform makes you a confident programmer fast.

"The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it." - Dennis Ritchie

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Deep understanding

Wether you aspire to become a web developer, data scientist, DevOps or cybersecurity engineer, good chance you will greatly benefit from being well versed in Python!

Our 310 Bite exercises will help you reach fluency in Python.

"When I came across PyBites and experienced the active learning that this platform fosters, my progress in understanding and retaining language features has increased greatly." - Aieat Assam

Another Learning Path done!

Make it stick

Our Pythonistas love how our platform expands their Python skills, picking up new features like ABCs, decorators, regexes, the collections module, and much much more.

Once they start coding on our platform, before they know it, list comprehensions have become second nature, and they finally wrap their heads around lambdas and context managers.

"Learning Python syntax and what sort of functionality is available in the standard library is not hard, using the official documentation. But learning how to really program in Python, using it WELL without reinventing any wheel, takes considerable practice AND exposure to code written by more experienced developers. PyBites will give you both with relatively little daily effort." - Danilo Fiorenzano

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Justin got his yellow belt

What sets us apart?

There are many coding platforms out there, but it's hard to find one that teaches you to write clean, Pythonic code using real world scenarios while keeping it fun and engaging.

"I think PyBites is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've used Hackerrank, Codesignal, Geeks2Geeks, TopCoder, Euler, Leetcode, etc, etc, etc. All of them have their good points and their uses, and some I still use regularly, but *PyBites* is the one that's most useful to me, clearest, and best put together. PyBites is helping me fill in gaps in my Python skills, and level up." - Andrew Jarcho

Write Pythonic code

Mike got his brown belt

Become consistent

We'll all agree that in order to become proficient at Python you have to put in the hard yards, but what to work on?

PyBites gives you clarity and direction so you can focus on what really matters: write Python code.

"To become a solid and confident software developer, you must stretch your skills and knowledge. You have to practice more than most areas of study. That is why #100DaysOfCode has connected with the community so deeply. However, when you are new it is very difficult to know what to build and to stay on track. The PyBites platform is a great asset to help focus your enthusiasm and keep you going for that amazing 100 days." - Michael Kennedy

Get certified

As said PyBites is all about keeping it fun and engaging, hence we have you earn Ninja belts, Learning Path badges, and PyBites certificates that will boost your LinkedIN. Show the world that you know Python!

Troy got his beginner certificate

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone

We say this all the time, if you don't become uncomfortable every week you won't grow!

Our platform is designed to get you uncomfortable at times but that's what is required to become a PRO in your field and you will reap great rewards from the effort you'll put in.

"Every Bite of Py has been educational and I am continuously being pushed way past my comfort zone and have grown accustomed to an ever changing and dynamic environment. At this rate, I'll be a pro in no time!" - Martin Uribe

PyBites was very challenging when I first started. But, I quickly found that the testing system provided helpful, instant feedback. The Bites push you to learn new aspects of the language and how they fit together to solve a problem. I can honestly say that the platform took me from beginner knowledge to intermediate." - Daniel White

Red or blue pill, you decide ...

Kelly's daily Bite workout

Your daily workout

Without working out no muscles, and once you gained them you have to maintain them. The same is true for your Python skills.

Even if you are already an experienced developer, we challenge you to solve some of our advanced Bites and keep expanding your skillset.

... and we hear this almost every day: there is no better experience than cracking a Bite!

Sam E feels accomplished Sam U talks about the experience

Experience the joy of solving Bites

You don't have to go at it alone (!)

Over the years we have built up a very welcoming, helpful and friendly community of Pythonistas, one of our dear members even called it an excellent example of how friendly the Python community is.

It doesn't matter if you're a Python developer with 20+ years of experience or a complete Newbie, as Rob experienced: the PyBites community has been as welcoming to me as if I were already a "Ninja".

Jim Rohn said: "You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most", that holds true for all areas in life, including Python, so ...

"If you're looking for a Python community where you can REALLY develop your skill while getting support from people around the world, don't look any further." - Cedric Sambre

"Nothing like solving a Bite and then comparing your solution to those of others, going through dozens of "aha! - that's nicer!" moments as you level up. It will keep you learning and refining your techniques until you'll become remarkably fluent and ready to use the language professionally." - Danilo Fiorenzano

Learn from awesome Pythonistas

David hit an impressive coding streak

Learning Python is not the hardest
(say what?)

The biggest issue people actually face is how to STAY motivated consistently.

Our gamification systems are a great motivator to keep progressing every single day:

Make coding a daily habit

Svetlana motivated by our message

>>> import this ...
Now is better than never

Python is clearly here to stay so becoming great at it will give you a strategic edge.

It's also a beautiful language that endorses clean and elegant code, something we all want right?

So don't procrastinate on your dream to becoming a proficient Pythonista. We have the exercises, experience and community that will make this journey exciting for you.

And above all we are deeply passionate and committed to helping you. We don't write this from our silos, we actively engage with y'all, because again, we love to be in touch, hear and learn from you!

- Bob and Julian
Co-founders of PyBites

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Introductory Bites Course

$50 USD
Video Course + Exercises

This Python Introductory Pack will give you all the basics to start writing your own scripts using Python. It includes:

  • A hands-on video course explaining how to solve our 10 Introductory Bites.
  • Our 25 Newbie Bite bundle which teaches you the fundamental building blocks of Python.

At the end you'll have earned your first Ninja Belt and Beginner Certificate and you will be ready to start solving the regular Bite exercises.

Premium Access

$20 USD
Per month ($16.66 USD if billed annually), cancel any time

Get full access to our collection of 300+ Python exercises.

Pythonistas have used these exercises to seriously upgrade their coding skills, land developer jobs, contribute to open source projects, and become more confident overall.

Earn your PyBites Ninja Belts and Certificates, work locally, and access the Bite Forums which are a gold mine of Python / programming wisdom.

Some of our Premium members came in new, others coded Python on other platforms. What make people keep coming back to PyBites has been our effective and enjoyable way of making you a proficient Pythonista (more below).

Premium+ Access (incl. Coding Conference Calls)

$40 USD
Per month ($33.33 USD if billed annually), cancel any time

In addition to everything from the Premium tier, you get access to our monthly Bites of Py Conference Call.

In this live group call we help you resolve any roadblocks you'll hit with the Bite exercises (through questions you submit beforehand).

Not only will we teach Python concepts and best practices, you will also learn important developer skills like debugging and refactoring.

Lastly, this is a great environment to build out your network with like minded people, relationships that might lead to your next Open Source project ...

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