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PCC Title Summary
16 Query Your Favorite API Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! This week we'll let you play with Web APIs. They are fun to fiddle with and great for learning and building cool things. Enjoy!
23 Challenge Estimated Time API Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! This week we will give you the opportunity to enhance our challenge platform by creating a simple API to track how much time our challenges take (and possibly other metadata).
45 TDD: Code FizzBuzz Writing Tests First! Hi Pythonistas, it’s time to do things differently! Test-Driven Development has to be one of the hardest programming methodologies to adopt yet also one of the most satisfying. It forces a different mindset which is definitely not for everyone. Either way, put your thinking caps on and jump in!
50 Use Celery to Offload an Expensive Task Hi Pythonistas, back-to-back with our Planet Python challenge 49 here is our special Easter Challenge #50 where you will use Celery to offload a simplified Easter ecard mailer app.
54 Python Clipboard History Hi Pythonistas, Welcome to Pybites Code Challenge 54! In this challenge we're asking that you create your own Clipboard History tool!
64 PyCon ES 2019 Marvel Challenge Hey Pythonistas, this weekend is Pycon ES and in the unlikely event you get bored, you can always do some coding with PyBites. Two more good reasons to do so: 1. there are prizes / give aways, 2. your PRs count towards Hacktoberfest (t-shirt). Fire up your editors and let's get coding!
We use Python 3.8