avatar Bite 329. Convert dict keys to snake case

In this Bite we will take a (nested) dict and transform its (string) keys to snake case.

So for example this dictionary:

    "camelCase": "Value1",
    "camelcase": "Value1",
    "PascalCase": "Value2",
    "kebab-case": "Value3",
    "ACRONYM": "Value4",
    "number22": "Value5"

Would result in the following dictionary where the keys have been converted into snake_case:

    "camel_case": "Value1",
    "camelcase": "Value1",
    "pascal_case": "Value2",
    "kebab_case": "Value3",
    "a_c_r_o_n_y_m": "Value4",
    "number_22": "Value5"

As you can see from this example hyphens, numbers and acronyms trigger snake casing as well.

Additionally, it should work with nested data structures as well. For example a dict of dicts and a dict where the values contain a (nested) list.

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