GH avatar Bite 228. Create a Gravatar URL

In this Bite you will generate a Gravatar URL, e.g.

In this URL 5b13356d467af88631503c27a3d0e0cf is a hash of a lowercase and stripped email address.

Code create_gravatar_url hashing the passed in email arg. You can see a PHP example and you want to use hashlib + its md5 / hexdigest methods ...

Here is how the function works in the REPL. Note that spaces and case sensitivity won't matter: they produce the same hash and thus gravatar:

>>> from gravatar import create_gravatar_url
>>> create_gravatar_url("[email protected]")
>>> create_gravatar_url("[email protected]", 300)
>>> create_gravatar_url("[email protected] ", 300)
>>> create_gravatar_url("[email protected] ", 300)

(More information about the other parameters here)

Have fun and keep calm and code in Python!

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