avatar Bite 41. Write a login_required decorator

If you worked with Flask or Django you must have seen routes being decorated to enforce authentication.

In this Bite you will write your own login checking decorator.

We simplify the request / session stuff by using 2 hardcoded lists:

known_users = ['bob', 'julian', 'mike', 'carmen', 'sue']
loggedin_users = ['mike', 'sue']

Write the login_required decorator used here:

def welcome(user):
    '''Return a welcome message if logged in'''
    return f'welcome back {user}'

Using this decorator there are 3 possible scenarios you have to account for:

  • user is not on the system, return "please create an account"
  • user is on the system but not logged in, return "please login"
  • user is on the system and logged in, return the function's "welcome back {user}"

See also the tests for more details. Have fun and enjoy!

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