avatar Intro Bite 09. Workout dictionary lookups

In this Bite you learn how to lookup values from a dictionary or in Python: dict.

You are presented with WORKOUT_SCHEDULE dict (constant) with keys = days and values = workouts (or rest up). Complete get_workout_motd that receives a day string, title case it so the function can receive case insensitive days, look it up in the dict and do two things:

  • If the day (key) is not in the dictionary, return INVALID_DAY, we don't want this function to continue.
  • If the key is in the dictionary, return CHILL_OUT or TRAIN depending if it's a REST day or not. The latter you will need to string-interpolate using format.

Also check out the docstring and tests. Have fun and keep calm and code in Python!

Update 25th of Nov 2019: previously this Bite required re-raising the KeyError, but as that's already the default behavior of a missing key in a dict, we changed the requirements to return a value instead.

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