avatar Bite 174. String manipulation and metrics

This bite will get you to play around with creating a dataclass and some text manipulation, formatting, and metrics gathering.

You are to take a corpora of text and clean it up by A) converting it to lowercase, B) remove all punctuation (use: string.punctuation) and C) replace newlines by spaces.

In addition, you will add the ability to remove extra characters as well (whole words and subwords, so if extra contains "term", the term in terminator will also be removed, leaving only inator behind).

Once you have a method that cleans up the corpora, you will be asked to count each words occurrence, while ignoring all stopwords. A set of stopwords have been provided for you. The method to generate the word metrics will have the option to adjust the amount of words to be returned, but will default to 5. This will be controlled by the class variable count

Once you can generate the metrics, those will be used to create a textual graph representation of the top word occurrences in the body of text.

For example, the word nation in the Gettysburg address would be displayed in this manner:

    nation #####

Note that the hashtag # character will be controlled by the tag variable.

Further details can be obtained from looking at the docstrings and tests.

Be aware that in the Gettysburg Address a weird unicode hyphen between some words must be dealt with individually otherwise you will end up joining the two words together.

For example:
                    original text: devotion—that
       correctly processed: devotion that
    incorrectly processed: devotionthat

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