avatar Bite 336. FastAPI Hello World

Welcome to this FastAPI learning path. In the next 10 Bites you will write a simple API to track food / calories.

Let's break this problem down in some easily digestable steps or Bite exercises:

1. Learn how to instantiate a FastAPI app instance and write your first view or endpoint < this Bite.

2. Get familiar with typing using the Pydantic library. We'll make a Food model which we'll use throughout this Learning Path.

3. Create food objects. To keep things simple we will use a simple list of Food objects in memory. We'll introduce databases and relational tables in our SQLModel learning path.

4. Retrieve food objects (all or a particular one).

5. Update and delete food object. This concludes the full CRUD (create-read-update-delete) of foods.

6. Pydantic part II: define two more models: User and FoodEntry.

7. Repeat the CRUD but now for food logging.

8. Add exception handling to our API.

9. Render the food log in a basic HTML template (Yes! FastAPI can also be used as web framework!)

10. Add authentication to our API.


In this first Bite of the challenge, let's make a FastAPI app instance and a view that returns {"message": "Welcome to PyBites' FastAPI Learning Path 🐍 🎉"} when hitting the root endpoint (/) with a GET request (see the tests).

Some notes on this learning path:

- To use earlier solutions as template code for later exercises without spoiling anything, you must solve the exercises in order, that is completing earlier exercises unlocks later ones.

- You can make the FastAPI endpoints async or not, the tests will work either way.

Good luck and welcome onboard! We hope this will be a fun and rich learning experience.

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