avatar Bite 285. Nested List Extraction

Sometimes dealing with data can be a real struggle.

Sometimes it's delivered in a undesirable format that you have no control over. Sometimes things can get ugly.  

But you're a PyBites Ninja! You persevere, you overcome any obstacle!  

The networking team is writing a Python script to help keep track of inventory and they need some assistance. 


They give you a list of data that looks something like this: 

data = [['ip', ['""'], 'mask', ['12'], 'type', ['ip_mask']]

And need to extract the IP address information into a list of 2-tuples(ip, mask) like this:  

[('', '12'), ...]


Here's another example of a deeply nested list:  

[['TEST', ['parent', [], 'uuid', ['"khk-yyas4h-323223-wewe-343er-3434-www"'], 
'display_name', ['"services"'], 'IPV4', [[['ip', ['""'], 'mask', ['20'],
'type', ['ip_mask']], ['ip', ['""'], 'mask', ['32'], 'type', ['ip_mask']

And the expected output:  

[('', '20'), ('', '32')]


The IP information is nested inside lists-of-lists-of-lists-of...  It's really really badly structured data that has no business being in this format.

Can you help get requested information out of "this heap of trash"?

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