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Hi Pythonistas, welcome to a new year of challenges. Are you as amazed as we are by all the awesome Python stuff that comes out every week? But then you feel you always are behind because you lack the time to keep up? Welcome to daily reality. In this challenge we have you contribute to our community with tools to improve our weekly delivery of Python News. Be creative, have fun!

The Challenge

See our News archive. We use Bob's PHP tool to pick and choose Python related tweets. It creates the required html for our digest post. It works quite well. However wouldn't it be nicer to have a Python powered tool?!

It currently only supports one Twitter handle at a time. What if we could have 3 columns: own tweets, influencers and #Python and/or other related hashtag (#Django, #ML, ...)

What about other Python news resources like the weekly newsletters (Python weekly, PyCoder's weekly, Awesome Python, etc), could we pull those feeds in too?

Then we have Planet Python, a source of new Python articles. BTW it seems our and potentially other feeds are broken there so bonus karma if somebody can debug and fix it! :)

What about Reddit? Could we pull in a digest of /Python and /learnpython.

The goal is to code a simple solution PyBites and the Python community can use to digest awesome news. We know the newsletters are there to solve this problem, yet how would YOU code this up?

Use you favorite tool, it does not have to be a web app. As long as your solution includes Python. We review this challenge beginning of February.

Join our Community

We built our code challenge platform which should guide you in the Git setup and lets you PR your work!

Join a growing community of passionate Pythonistas. Here is the direct challenge link.

Cool PRs get featured in our monthly review post. Have fun!


Our goal is to learn and teach you Python through practical exercises. Learning a programming language is way more fun as a community!

For any feedback, issues or ideas use GH Issues, tweet us or drop us an email.

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