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Life is about facing new challenges - Kostya Tszyu

Hi Pythonistas, this week we got a really cool challenge for you. Our Never Forget A Friend’s Birthday with Python, Flask and Twilio article got released on Twilio's blog and we thought it would be awesome to have you code up the next Twilio app.

Join our challenge and if you build something serious you could even pitch it to Twilio!

The Challenge

Here is the deal:

  • Sign up for a Twilio account

  • If not familiar with their APIs and to get a taste check out our guest post and Twilio's blog for more examples, special mention: Wedding at Scale.

  • Check out the Twilio REST API documentation page.

  • Now think of a boring task to automate / enhance.

  • Code it and delight your friends and colleagues.

  • To get credit PR your work to our Community branch of our Challenges repo. See detailed instructions here.

If you are willing to go the extra mile you can even get your work featured on Twilio's blog via their Twilio voices project, recently featured on Python Bytes podcast!


Our goal is to learn and teach you Python through practical exercises. Learning a programming language is way more fun as a community!

For any feedback, issues or ideas use GH Issues, tweet us or drop us an email.

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

-- PyBites

We use Python 3.8