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  • All Premium features.
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  • Add your own branding to our platform.

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How our Community experiences our Platform:

I just finished the beginner bites and wanted to say thank you, and what a joy it's been to have this resource the past few months. As someone who doesn't get a chance to work in Python daily or even weekly sometimes, these exercises have really helped me stay grounded in Python as well as explore a lot of areas of the standard library I wasn't familiar with.

On to intermediate!

Thanks for providing the PyBites portal. This is indeed a rocking platform to get hands on coding experience.

In my opinion it's good for anyone regardless of experience. It's especially wonderful for those who want that 'Kickstart" as sometimes it's hard to start (due to n numbers of factors).

For me it was awesome to solve some of the problems where I was able to learn and understand some of the hidden secrets in Python. The solutions provided also demonstrate how to make readable (pythonic) code, which I believe is the best feature.

I am very happy that I found this site and look forward to learning more!

PyBites is currently the best platform which follows the 'practicality' approach. The bites, exercises and challenges will bring a sense of solving problems which matches real world scenarios. So I'd recommend this to anyone who likes Python or programming to move out the shell and get hands-on experience. Good work, Bob and Julian and all other members of the community.

For me, the PyBites platform provides an incredibly helpful medium to progress and practice.

The bites often necessitate reading up on unfamiliar modules, libraries, built-ins, etc. Without the problem-solving context of PyBites, it would be almost impossible to absorb the information.

I particularly like the subtle guidance given in the form of “hint tags” associated with each “Bites Of Py” exercise. They don’t give much away but point you in the right direction – that’s a great way to learn!

PyBites has a very welcoming community who are very helpful and make you feel like you are not alone. The challenges are very practical and help you to discover builtins and modules that you may not have known about. There are very helpful tips, articles and a Slack channel where you can get help along the way. The CoFounder even sent me a very encouraging message video which helped tremendously in motivating me.

I am still a Python newbie, yet the PyBites community has been as welcoming to me as if I were already a "Ninja." I've also been impressed with how much I've been able to learn just by completing the introductory Bites. I look forward to completing more challenges!

During my long commutes, I wanted to invest the time, instead of being bored out of my mind.
I started listening to TalkPythonToMe, which lead me to #100DaysOfCode. After spending a couple of hours every day on the challenges,
I got access to some bites on the platform and I got hooked! Perfect timing as the Python Bundle was right around the corner and it was the start of my vacation.

I got hooked to the level-based approach. The introduction to the different parts of the standard library and the complexity of the challenges is perfect. It is hard enough to need to read through the documentation or to justify the approach while being specific enough to not 'waste time' on boilerplate code.

Before using PyBites and TalkPythonToMe I saw myself as a python script kiddy, enough knowledge to get the job done but no idea how to do it 'pythonicly'. I've completed all of the challenges on the platform in a rather short amount of time because I really enjoyed every bite. In a short period, I feel like I learned how to tackle a large variety of common tasks and know what is considered 'pythonic' and what isn't in most cases. :)

Now I spend more time on in the standard library documentation or other docs instead of looking up google queries/stack overflow questions.

Thanks, PyBites for this challenging (and addicting) platform!

I think one of the nicest things about this is that it's giving me the confidence to say I am a programmer. I was just talking to some colleagues who want to learn Python (for data analysis) and they kept asking me if I thought they "had what it took to learn Python" and I remember being in that boat months ago. However PyBites' code challenges, going to PyCon, always listening to Python Bytes and Talk Python kinda switched my mindset and to be honest I think that's the biggest gain from this platform.

We use Python 3.7