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Bite 25. No promo twice, keep state in a class In this bite a real world scenario: PyBites has a ...
classes exception handling properties
Bite 26. Dictionary comprehensions are awesome A dictionary comprehension is like a list comprehension, but it ...
dictionary comprehensions
Bite 53. Convert text into multiple columns You run a news site and you got feedback that ...
string manipulation
Bite 77. New places to travel to You want to find people who have as much exposure ...
set set operations
Bite 78. Find programmers with common languages Similar as last Bite we do another comparison of sequences ...
set set operations
Bite 118. List exercise: return first occurrence indices of duplicated words In this Bite you are presented with a list of ...
counting list comprehensions set
Bite 130. Analyze some basic Car Data In this exercise you will analyze some basic car data. ...
Counter data analysis list comprehensions set
Bite 139. Calculate a coding streak in days In this Bite you are going to calculate the amount ...
datetime string manipulation timedelta
Bite 174. String manipulation and metrics This bite will get you to play around with creating ...
Counter data classes list comprehensions properties string formatting string manipulation translate
Bite 178. Parse PyBites blog git commit log In this Bite we want to figure out how active ...
Counter data analysis datetime dateutil string parsing
Bite 184. Analyze some Bite stats data In this Bite we will look at some Bite stats ...
Counter csv data analysis set
PCC Title Summary
02 Word Values Part II - A Simple Game Using what we've learned the last challenge this week we build a simple Scrabble-like game: given a random set of 7 letters build the most valuable word. Good luck!
04 Twitter data analysis Part 1: Getting Data A new week, a new code challenge! In this 3 part challenge you will analyze Twitter Data. This week we will automate the retrieval of data. In Part 2 we will task you with finding similar tweeters, and for Part 3 you will do a full sentiment analysis.
06 PyPI 100K Packages Prediction A new week, more coding! In this challenge you will make a prediction when PyPI will reach the 100.000 packages milestone.
13 Highest Rated Movie Directors Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! After last week's (tictactoe game), we'd like to sharpen your data analysis skills this week by parsing a movie data set in search for highest rated directors. Enjoy and we review solutions end of this week.
18 Get Recommendations Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! This week we'll do another API exercise: you will parse your Twitter feed searching for book / movie / music / you-name-it recommendations. Can you create a simple ParrotRead? Enjoy
24 Use Dunder / Special Methods to Enrich a Class Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding! We wrote an article for Dan Bader's Python blog: Enriching Your Python Classes With Dunder (Magic, Special) Methods. We hope you like it. To put dunders into practice we dedicate this week's code challenge to it.
31 Image Manipulation With Pillow Hi Pythonistas, a new week, a new 'bite' of Python coding. Let's shift gears a little bit: this week we have you choose an image manipulation task using Pillow, "the friendly PIL (Python Imaging Library) fork". Have fun!
40 Daily Python Tip Part 1 - Make a Web App Hi Pythonistas, you heard of Daily Python Tip? It's a Twitter account that posts one python tip per day, run by @karlafej and @simecek. We partnered up with them and use their awesome collection of tips to build a web app (part 1) and a simple API (part 2).
47 PyBites First Year in Data (Special) Hi Pythonistas, can you believe it’s been a full year of PyBites already?! To commemorate our 1st birthday we figured the next challenge should be around… us!
52 Create your own Pomodoro Timer Hi Pythonistas, Welcome to Pybites Code Challenge 52! In this challenge we get you create your very own Pomodoro Timer!
53 Query the Spotify API Hi Pythonistas, Welcome to Pybites Code Challenge 53! In this challenge we get you query the Spotify API and perform a set of tasks.
We use Python 3.7